Volume 5 (2019)

Each volume of Applied Marketing Analytics consists of FOUR quarterly 100-page issues, published in print and online. The Articles published in Volume 5 are listed below.

Volume 5 Number 4

  • Editorial: The more things change the more they remain the same
    Denis Malin, Editorial Board Member, Applied Marketing Analytics
  • Using behavioural science to reduce opportunistic insurance fraud
    Tim Mitchell, Principal, and Benny Cheung, Director, Decision Technology
  • Leveraging machine learning to deepen customer insight
    Zain Abbas, Senior Data Scientist, Roland Merbis, Director of Customer Insights and Analytics and Artur Motruk, Senior Manager of Customer Insights and Analytics, Scotiabank
  • Why human involvement is still required to move text analytics technologies leveraged with artificial intelligence from the trough of disillusionment to the plateau of productivity
    Paul Howarth, CEO, Pansensic
  • Martech leadership: The symbiotic development of technology and talent
    Andy Betts, Executive and CMO Advisor
  • Using segmentation to improve strategy and predictive modelling
    Mike Grigsby, Associate Vice President of Marketing Analytics, Caliber Home Loans
  • Ensuring consistency in the ever dynamic analytics landscape
    Simon Kingsnorth, digital leader and strategist
  • How graphs help marketers get super slick on user data
    Emil Eifrem, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder, Neo4j
  • Using loyalty card records and machine learning to understand how self-medication purchasing behaviours vary seasonally in England, 2012–2014
    Alec Davies, PhD student, Mark A. Green, Senior Lecturer, Dean Riddlesden, Research Fellow, and Alex D. Singleton, Professor of Geographic Information Science, University of Liverpool
  • Personal values and the purchase of mass media entertainment services in rural India
    Lovekesh Sarda, Research Scholar and PhD Candidate, and Jagwinder Singh, Associate Professor, Department of Humanities & Management, Dr B R Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar

Volume 5 Number 3

  • Editorial: Applying artificial intelligence to marketing decision-making
    Edward M. Mazze, Editorial Board Member
  • Optimising the impact of promotional activity
    Colin Bunn, Founder, Managing Director, Double Spiral Consulting
  • Getting ready for the California Consumer Privacy Act: Building on General Data Protection Regulation preparedness
    Ian Thomas, Chief Data Officer, Publicis Groupe
  • Using the FUSEDIT Framework to combine lead and sales data for a customer relationship management integration project
    Ann Stanley, Founder, Managing Director and Ed Truman, Head of Analytics and Conversion, Anicca Digital
  • How to leverage internet of things data to generate benefits for sales and marketing
    Andrea Ahlemeyer-Stubbe, Director Strategic Analytics and Agnes Müller, Senior Analytical Consultant, servicepro
  • Segmenting consumers based on willingness to share data for marketing purposes
    Martin P. Block, Professor of Integrated Marketing Communications and Don E. Schultz, Professor (Emeritus-in-Service) of Integrated Marketing Communications, Medill School, Northwestern University
  • Complaining with emojis: Some conceptual and analytical aspects
    Salim Moussa, Assistant Professor of Marketing, University of Gafsa
  • Adaptive methods for creating consumer lifestyle models
    Alexander P. Karasev, Associate Professor, Department of Management of Humanities, Financial University (Yaroslavl Branch)
  • Book Review: Predictive Analytics for Marketers: Using Data Mining for Business Advantage
    Reviewed by Martin Squires, Director, Advanced Analytics, Pets At Home Group

Volume 5 Number 2

  • Editorial: The marketing mix paradox: More audience information may not equal better marketing mix measurement
    Raf Alcaraz, Head of SMB Marketing Science, North America, Facebook.com
  • Out-of-home and top of mind: Moving beyond panels in out-of-home marketing
    Isaline Duminil, Marketing and Communications Director, JCDecaux Singapore and François-Xavier Pierrel, Chief Data Officer, JCDecaux Group
  • The anatomy of successful digital transformation: The role of analytics
    Jacques Bughin, Senior Partner, Barbara O’Beirne, Associate Partner and Jonathan Deakin, Partner, McKinsey and Company
  • The Linux Compete strategy: An analytics case study
    Marco Vriens, Assistant Professor of Marketing and Chad Vidden, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin — La Crosse
  • The customer journey: How customer touch points interact to drive increased loyalty, satisfaction and revenue
    Mike Grigsby, Associate Vice President of Marketing Analytics, Caliber Home Loans
  • High-profile data breaches: Designing the right data protection architecture based on the law, ethics and trust
    Laura E. Ribeiro, Keynote Speaker, Co-Founder and CEO of The Qube, Quantum Technology Company
  • Using weak supervision to scale the development of machine-learning models for social media-based marketing research
    Jennifer Cutler, Associate Professor of marketing, Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and Aron Culotta, Associate Professor of computer science, Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Closing the skills gap: Finding skilled analytics professionals for a dynamically changing data-driven environment
    Angela D’Auria Stanton, Professor of Marketing and Wilbur W. Stanton, Professor of Marketing, Radford University
  • Book Review: From Data to Decision: A Handbook for the Modern Business Analyst
    Reviewed by Seth Earley, CEO and Founder, Earley Information Science

Volume 5 Number 1

  • Editorial: What do we mean by marketing analytics?
    Martin Squires, Visiting Professor Geography/Geospatial Analysis & Computing, University College London
  • Becoming a master: Best practices in attribution reporting
    Stephanie Burton, Senior Business Consultant and Andy Powers, Data Strategist and Analyst, Adobe
  • Issues with shopper tracking and data quality: From solving multi-floor issues to driving better positional accuracy
    Gary Angel, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Digital Mortar
  • Data collection for integrated customer data management: Concerns, considerations and best practices
    Chitra Iyer, Editor-in-Chief, MarTech Advisor
  • Multi-touch attribution: A case study in automotive media optimisation
    Jonathan Prantner, Chief Analytics Officer and Co-Founder, RXA
  • Investment management: Competing in a data-driven world
    Laura E. Ribeiro, Speaker, Author and Data Scientist
  • Getting an edge on data insights and breakthrough innovation
    Joseph Bradley, Global Vice President, Incubation Services & Technology, Cisco Systems
  • Transforming the enterprise with applied artificial intelligence
    Santhosh Subramani, Director of Customer Relationship Management and Digital Marketing Operations, Air Canada
  • Mining online comments to understand customer satisfaction with hotel technologies: A comparison of hotels in Beijing and Washington, DC
    Minyi Zheng, Guest Service Representative, Marriott Philadelphia Airport, Shiang-Lih Chen McCain, Assistant Professor of marketing, Colorado Mesa University, Jeffrey C. Lolli, Associate Professor, Widener University and Ping-Ho Ting, Professor, Department of Hospitality Management and Department of Leisure Studies and Tourism Management, National Chi Nan University
  • Predicting consumer personality traits in the sharing economy: The case of Airbnb
    Murat Acar, Manager of Consulting Services, Wipro and Aysegul Toker, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Bogazici University