Statement of Publication Ethics

Henry Stewart Publications publishes peer-reviewed, vocational journals that support employability and career development.  As such, it is committed to 

  • Expanding and disseminating  the body of knowledge in each of its fields of publication
  • Encouraging the exchange of ideas, information and experiences of those working in, or concerned with, the field
  • Publishing new and original ideas on research, policy and management of relevance to practice 
  • Facilitating the cooperation and exchange of ideas between practitioners and researchers including scholars based at educational establishments 
  • Informing and promoting the debate between professional practice and government and regulators
  • Promoting professional excellence.

Henry Stewart Publications recognises the critical importance of integrity in journal publication and commits to upholding the highest standards in publishing research, case study material, detailed descriptive articles and review articles. Specifically:

  • it agrees to ensure that no advertising, sponsorship or other commercial revenue has any impact or influence on editorial decisions
  • it recognises the increased concern over misconduct in academic publishing, in particular the growing incidence of duplicate submission and plagiarism, acknowledges the serious threat this poses to the integrity of published research and is fully committed to combatting these challenges
  • if and when errors in publication occur, it commits to publishing a correction as soon as it is aware of the error and at the first available opportunity.

Editors, Editorial Board members and Reviewers
Editors, Editorial Board members and Reviewers of Henry Stewart Publications journals are expected to do their best to ensure unbiased, timely and courteous peer review processes and editorial decisions, while maintaining the confidentiality essential to double-blind peer review. It is expected that any conflict of interest is disclosed promptly to the Publisher and that all Editors, Editorial Board members and Reviewers cooperate with any investigation needed to uphold publication integrity and standards.

Editors, Editorial Board members and Reviewers of Henry Stewart Publications journals are expected to report to the Publisher, as a matter of urgency, any detected cases of duplicate publication, plagiarism or other misconduct.

As a condition of publication in Henry Stewart Publications journals, Authors are required to ensure that: 

  • any submission is their own original work
  • they acknowledge sources and their submission is properly referenced
  • they permit reviewers and readers to access data and information to understand and assess submissions
  • they do not submit their work for multiple or concurrent Publication
  • references to named people and/or organisations are accurate, not racist or sexist and without  libellous implications.