Volume 4 (2018)

Each volume of Applied Marketing Analytics consists of four quarterly 100-page issues. The articles published so far in Volume 4 are:

Volume 4 Number 4

  • Editorial: Over the horizon: Marketing to personal agents
    Jim Sterne, Director Emeritus, Digital Analytics Association & Editorial Board Member
  • Less is more: An investigation into how different levels of localisation in out-of-home creative drive sales
    Rory Steele, Account Director, MediaCom Scotland and Jennie Roper, Head of Insight, Kinetic
  • Communication and collaboration between chief data officers and chief marketing officers
    Seth Earley, Founder and CEO, Earley Information Science
  • Using marketing analytics for improved health engagement and outcomes
    David Fogarty, Head, Global Customer Value Management & Growth Analytics, Cigna, Lin Jing, Former, Lead Data Scientist, Cigna and Peter Harrison, Global Head of Marketing Insights, Cigna
  • Do conversational platforms represent the next big digital marketing opportunity?
    Jonathan Copulsky, Lecturer of Marketing, Medill School and Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University
  • The executable data strategy: A guide to using data with purpose
    John Lovett, Senior Director of Data Strategy, Search Discovery
  • Analytics: Turning data into management gold
    Alon Even, Marketing and business development thought leader
  • Applying a delta opportunity index to paid media budget planning
    Roger Kamena, Vice-President, Data Science and Technology, Adviso Conseil and Jean-François Renaud, Co-Founder and Partner, Adviso Conseil
  • The current state of data protection and privacy compliance in Canada and the USA
    Derek Lackey, Managing Director, Newport Thomson & President, Direct Marketing Association of Canada and Neil Beaton, VP Corporate Development, CAPS Group

Volume 4 Number 3

  • Editorial:
    Caroline van den Bos, Insight Director, Lloyd’s Register
  • The impact of the General Data Protection Regulation on digital marketing and analytics
    Ian Thomas, Chief Data Officer, Publicis Spine
  • Customer-centric experiences through data
    Chris Slovak, Vice President of Global Sales Solutions, Tealium
  • Marketing analytics in the age of machine learning
    David Booth, Founding Partner, Cardinal Path
  • How to ensure analytics and martech are relevant to the business
    Laura Patterson, President, VisionEdge Marketing
  • The coming democratisation of emotions analytics
    Dan Somers, Chief Executive Officer, Warwick Analytics
  • A foundation for building a data-driven culture
    Shu Wang, Director Business Transformation, Royal Philips and Ulrike Krisch, Senior Global Sub-Business Category Lead, Philips AVENT
  • Improving measurement with Big Data: Variety-seeking and survival
    Mihaela Alina Nastasoiu, Data Scientist, Booking.com, Neil Bendle, Associate Professor and Mark Vandenbosch, Acting Dean, Ivey Business School
  • Book Review: The AI Advantage: How to Put the Artificial Intelligence Revolution to Work
    Reviewed by Seth Earley, CEO & Founder, Earley Information Science

Volume 4 Number 2

  • Editorial:
    Martin Squires
  • Using matched market lift to measure the true value of offline and online advertising
    Dominic Williamson, Director of Marketing Science, FanDuel and Jonathan Arfa, Statistician, Facebook
  • Serving the customer better by understanding their top tasks
    Gerry McGovern, Chief Executive Officer, Customer Carewords
  • From knowing to doing: A framework to discover, engage with and motivate the person behind the data
    Pascal Lauscher, Founder, CEO, Lauscher Consulting
  • Digital audience management: Building and managing a robust data management platform for multi-channel targeting and personalisation throughout the customer journey
    Vaibhav Gardé, Data and Analytics Professional, FedEx Marketing Digital Intelligence team
  • The other 180°: Filling in the other half of the 360° customer view
    Gary Angel, Founder, Chief Executive, Digital Mortar
  • A/B testing: The importance of significance and test duration
    Sabine Langmann, SEO Manager, Webgears
  • How page speed impacts the bottom line
    Roopa N. Carpenter, Director, Optimization, Blast Analytics & Marketing
  • A two-step recommendation to improve stability in free-choice brand-attribute associations: A research agenda
    Devdeep Maity, Assistant Professor of Marketing. College of Business, Delaware State University
  • Book Review: Forecasting and Predictive Analytics: With ForecastX™ (7th edn)
    Reviewed by Jonathan Copulsky, Lecturer, Northwestern University
  • Book Review: Handbook of Marketing Analytics
    Reviewed by Caroline van den Bos, Insight Director, Lloyd’s Register

Volume 4 Number 1

  • Editorial:
    Aaron H. Maass
  • Conversational marketing: Creating compelling customer connections
    Nicholas Sotolongo, Data Strategist, Medill/IMC, Northwestern University and Jonathan Copulsky, teacher of branding, marketing strategy and marketing technology, Northwestern University
  • Applications of survival analysis to customer management
    Barry Leventhal, Director, BarryAnalytics
  • From commercial silos to commercial integration
    Rafael Alcaraz, Global Commercial Analytics, Kellogg Company
  • How to drive change via dashboards: An approach to measure the impact of global campaigns for a business-to-business company
    Korbinian Spann, digital media buying, digital analytics for Europe, America and Asia, W.L. Gore & Associates
  • How organisations can establish marketing analytics as the common business language to drive continuous improvement
    Tom Grubb, Chief Strategy Officer, Digital Pi
  • Topic modelling for open-ended survey responses
    Song Chen, Chad Vidden, Assistant Professors, University of Wisconsin — La Crosse, Nicole Nelson, Analytical Manager and Marco Vriens, CEO, Kwantum
  • From analytics to conversion rate optimisation
    Enrico Pavan, Founder and President, Analytics Boosters
  • Optimising the effectiveness of container packaging design: How shape influences customer proportion judgments
    Shenyu Li, Teaching Fellow, Sydney Institute of Language and Commerce, Shanghai University, Rong Huang, Associate Professor of Marketing, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Hong Yuan, Associate Professor of Marketing; Director of the Business Research Institute, Lundquist College of Business and Qiong Zhou, Assistant Professor of Management, College of Business, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics