Volume 1 (2014-15)

Each volume of Applied Marketing Analytics consists of four quarterly 100-page issues. The articles published in Volume 1 are:

Volume 1 Number 4 - Special issue on Data Visualisation (Autumn/Fall 2015)

  • Visualisation: The last mile of analytics
    Seth Earley, CEO and Founder, Earley Information Science
  • Data storytelling: What it is and how it can be used to effectively communicate analysis results
    Brent Dykes, Evangelist, Analytics, Adobe Systems  
  • What can data journalists teach is about being more effective analysts?
    Loren Hadley, Senior Analyst, Ernst & Young LLP
  • How to avoid the six most common analytics data visualisation mistakes
    Lea Pica, Digital Analyst and Data Visualization/Presentation Consultant, LeaPica.com & Team Demystified
  • Creating high-impact visualisations
    Kerry E. Brackett, Senior Consultant for Product Development /Marketing, Verizon & Sumit Pal, Big data, Visualization and Data science consultant
  • A review of frequently overlooked best practices for graphs
    Naomi B. Robbins, Joyce Robbins, NBR
  • Integrated competition and customer analysis: Managing market share efficiently
    Marco Vriens, Chief Research Officer, Market Quest, ipsos & Alessandro Martins Alves, Director, GMU, ipsos, Brazil
  • Advanced next best offer marketing using predictive analytics
    Justin Croft, Predictive Analytics Practice Leader and Managing Consultant, Revelwood
  • An overwhelming amount of data: Applying chaos theory to find patterns within big data
    Ted Gross, CTO, Technologist & Author
  • Book review: Practical Text Analytics: Interpretign Text and Unstructured Data for Business Intelligence by Mike Grigsby
  • Book review: Marketing Analytics: A Practical Guide to Real Marketing Science by Steven Struhl
    Both books reviewed by Seth Earley, CEO and Founder, Earley Information Science

Volume 1 Number 3 - (Summer 2015)

  • Measuring the success of social marketing campaigns with web/digital analytics
    Vaibhav Gardé, Marketing Principal, Interactive Marketing, FedEx
  • Discovering discovery: Data discovery best practices
    Jim Sterne, Board Chair, Digital Analytics Association
  • New tools and techniques for understanding non-conscious consumer decisions
    Darren Bridger, Consultant and Thom Noble, Founder, Neurostrata  
  • Using survival analytics to estimate lifetime value
    Mike Grigsby, Analytic Consultant, Targetbase
  • The unified log: What it is and how it is changing marketing analytics
    Yali Sassoon, Cofounder and Analytics Lead, Snowplow Analytics
  • Mining the gold in customer data to uncover your competitive advantage
    Dr Amy Shi-Nash, Founding Member, DataSpark
  • Planning and implementing conversation-lead marketing
    Hagen Wenzek, Principal & Founder, Freestyle Consulting, Paul Pangaro, CEO, General Cybernetics
  • Media usage patterns of social media users
    Vijay Viswanathan, Assistant Professor, Don E. Schultz, Professor of Integrated Marketing Communications and Martin P. Block, Professor of Integrated Marketing Communications, Northwestern University, USA
  • Marketing return on investment: seeking clarity for concept and measurement
    Dominique M. Hanssens, Bud Knapp Professor of Marketing, UCLA Anderson School of Management
  • Book review: Humanizing Big Data: Marketing a the Meeting of Data, Social Science & Consumer Insight by Colin Strong
    Reviewed by Chris Johannessen, Book Reviews Editor, Applied Marketing Analytics

Volume 1 Number 2 - Special issue on mobile analytics (Spring 2015)

  • Editorial
    Christopher M. Johannessen, VP, eCommerce, Springleaf Financial Services
  • Adapting to the elusive loyalty of the mobile audience
    Tamar Rimmon, Associate Director of analytics and Audience Development and Dan Stubbs, Executive Director of Analytics, Condé Nast
  • ESPN’s approach to a mobile analytics implementation
    Amber Zaharchuk, Analytics Engagement Manager and Chris Meares, Director of Analytics, MaassMedia
  • Mobile analytics: Essential for business maturation in the digital marketing era
    Ray Pun, Head of Strategic Marketing, Mobile Marketing Solutions, Adobe Marketing Cloud
  • Orchestrating mobile analytics
    Christopher M. Johannessen, VP, eCommerce, Springleaf Financial Services
  • Where mobile fits in the marketing funnel sandwich
    Alon Even, VP of Marketing, Appsee Mobile App Analytics
  • How data and user behavior analysis impacts sales — especially via mobile
    Enrico Pavan, Independent Consultant
  • Mastering the fundamentals of mobile analytics
    Loren Hadley, Senior Analyst, Digital Analytics Practice, Ernst & Young
  • So you need a mobile analytics strategy? Six key areas to cover for new developers
    Andrew Pearlman, Monetization and User Acquisition Specialist, Adrenalytics
  • How best-in-class marketers use alignment and accountability for value creation
    Laura Patterson, President and Founder, VisionEdge Marketing
  • Big Data analytics for transaction banking: The differentiator
    Carlo R.W. de Meijer, Economist and Senior Researcher for Market Engagement, The Royal Bank of Scotland and Anupam Majumdar, Consulting Manager, Cognizant Technology Solutions

Volume 1 Number 1 (Winter 2015)

  • Editorial
    Jim Sterne, Founder, eMetrics Summit and Board Chair, Digital Analytics Association
  • Digital marketing attribution across devices
    Chris Hogan, Director, Marketing Analytics, Macys.com
  • The business case for better analytics: A retrospective and the future of theory and practice of marketing science
    Rafael Alcaraz, VP, Global Advanced Analytics, HR Analytics, and Insight Driven Supply Chain Analytics, The Hershey Company
  • A net present value model with application to target marketing
    Jingjing Qu, Analytics Manager, Transamerica life Insurance Company and Yumin Chen, Analytics Manager, Center of Advanced Analytics, Transamerica Life & Protection
  • Beyond sales and awareness: Using marketing analytics for improved health engagement and outcomes
    David Fogarty, Global Head of Customer Value Management, Peter Harrison, Global Head of Marketing Insights, Lin Jing, Data Scientist and Samuel Yip, Data Scientist, Cigna
  • How Orbitz tackled the long tail problem in online marketing optimization
    Wenqing Lu, Senior Director, Statistical Modeling and Analytics, Orbitz
  • An analytical framework for social media customer service
    Edward Kwartler, Director, Advanced Analytics, Liberty Mutual
  • How mobile brands are applying a longitudinal customer view to understand and influence behaviors
    Lara Albert, VP, Global Marketing, Globys
  • A framework of purpose and consent for data security and consumer privacy
    Oliver Schiffers, Director, Marketing Analytics, SapientNitro and Aurélie Pols, Co-founder, Mind Your Privacy
  • Will personal data in the hands of individuals revolutionize analytics?
    Colin Strong, Managing Director, GfK NOP Business & Technology
  • Using big data file fusion to determine the effects of social media on retail brand preference
    Don Schultz, President, Agora and Professor of Integrated Marketing Communications and Martin Block, Professor of Integrated Marketing Communications, Northwestern University