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Articles scheduled for Volume 9 of Applied Marketing Analytics includes:

  • Lengthen your attribution window: Which digital ads have most long-term impact?
    Vivian Qin, Senior Data Scientist, Amazon Ads
  • A new model for optimal advertising impression allocation across consumer segments
    Joel Rubinson, President, Rubinson Partners Inc., Dr. Neil Morley, Vice President of Data Science, Neustar & Vassilis Bakapoulos, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Measurement, Insights & Strategy, MMA Global
  • ChatGPT and search engine optimisation: The future is here 
    Kelly Cutler, Lecturer, Northwestern University 
  • Is AI helping or hindering the next generation of data scientists and what risk will this have for businesses?
    Lucy Spooner, Client Director, Realise Unlimited 
  • Considerations in artificial intelligence-based marketing: An ethical perspective
    Animesh Kumar Sharma, Research Scholar, Mittal School of Business & Rahul Sharma, Professor, Mittal School of Business
  • Privacy and data protection interests in AI
    Derek Lackey, Managing Director, Newport Thomson
  • The potential impact of GenAI / ChatGPT on the world of market research
    Andy Buckley, Global Solutions Partner, Human8
  • To ChatGPT or not to chatGPT: A note to marketing executives
    Dr Jacques Bughin, CEO, MachaonAdvisory
  • Generative AI and the next-generation of digital and content marketers
    Andy Betts, Advisor, Marketing, Content, Digital, AI, PR & Comms & Miranda Miller, Founder, Miller Schwandt Media
  • Generative AI-driven storytelling: A new era for marketing analytics
    Marko Vidrih, Co-Founder and COO, Niftify & Shiva Mayahi, Creative Technology and Design Researcher
  • Web 3.0 & marketing: The new frontier
    Dr Brandon Chicotsky, Assistant Professor of Professional Practice in Marketing, Texas Christian University, Neeley School of Business
  • Identifying the drivers of customer conversations and sentiment
    Manya Mayes, VP Analytics, 1440 Consulting 
  • Data democratisation requires literacy and fluency for proficiency 
    Jim Sterne, Online Marketing Analytics Consultant
  • Contribution of cultural dimensions to international marketing analysis
    Geddy van Elburg, Owner, Ionmoon/ Global Topology
  • Qualifying control data with propensity score matching
    Dakota Crisp, Data Science Manager, RXA, Matt Kristo, Director of Analytics, Outsell, Courtney Everest, Data Scientist, Jenna King, Data Scientist, Emily Brehmer, Data Scientist and Danielle Barnes, Director of Data Science, RXA
  • How can analytics integrate and use data from new sources to improve the effectiveness of marketing?
    François-Xavier Pierrel, Group Chief Data Officer, JCDecaux
  • What is the right set of technologies and techniques to effectively analyse marketing effectiveness?
    Customer Analytics Manager, Pranav Patil, Nextdoor
  • Which key performance indicators should be used to establish a lead scoring strategy for customer relationship management?
    Sergio Suárez, PhD student, and Ana Reyes-Menendez, Assistant Professor, Rey Juan Carlos University
  • Using MASEM to explore the psychological mechanisms linking salespeople’s job satisfaction and performance
    Chien-Chung Chen, Associate Professor of Marketing, Hong Chen, Assistant Professor of Informatics, and Yan Liu, Assistant Professor of Management, Indiana University East