The care and feeding of digital analysts

Jim Sterne, Online Marketing Analytics & Business Scaling Consultant

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Abstract: Achieving excellence in digital analytics requires a dedicated balance of people, process and technology. This paper focuses on the people side of this equation, providing tips, opinions and observations, rather than rigorous research or structured analysis. The paper offers advice for analytics team leaders and those who would like to become one, recognising that analytics is a unique occupation in that it offers guidance rather than an end product. The paper discusses special management considerations, including the ongoing need to explain and convince the rest of the organisation of the value of analytics; hiring the smartest people and getting out of their way; supervising a diverse mix of personality types that are not necessarily well suited to team efforts; keeping the best and brightest engaged; recognising leaders and developing their skills; helping people get the recognition they deserve; maintaining core, organisational values; and staying human in an industrialised environment.


Keywords: analytics; management; advice; unique; value; recruit; retention


Jim Sterne is an international consultant who focuses on measuring the value of the web as a medium for creating and strengthening customer relationships. Sterne has written eight books on using the internet for marketing, is the founding president and current chairman of the Digital Analytics Association, and produces the eMetrics Summit and the Media Analytics Summit.

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