Martech leadership: The symbiotic development of technology and talent

Andy Betts, Executive and CMO Advisor

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Abstract: As analytics technology evolves faster than organisational structures, companies find themselves struggling to keep up with consumer expectations. Across myriad devices, channels and networks, consumers are generating hundreds of touch points with the expectation that brands are not only able to understand their immediate need, but also ready to deliver a solution. Organisations must act quickly to align on their strategic vision, make smarter analytics investments, and develop the people and process critical for success in an artificial intelligence driven world.


Keywords: marketing technology, martech, AI


Andy Betts is a chief marketer, consultant and digital hybrid with more than 25 years of experience in digital, technology and marketing work around the world. He works as an adviser and consultant for technology companies, agencies and leading Fortune 500 companies. He spends considerable time consulting with C-level executives and media in technology and marketing communities on strategic marketing and customer relations. A recognised industry leader, he has a full-stack skill set building and managing key growth functions such as business development, marketing, public relations, digital and martech operations.

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