Corporate Real Estate Journal

Corporate Real Estate Journal is the essential peer-reviewed, professional journal for corporate real estate and workplace executives, consultants, researchers and scholars.
Each quarterly 100-page issue publishes high quality articles and real case studies on new thinking, strategies and techniques in corporate real estate. It cuts through the deluge of information facing corporate real estate professionals to deliver content which is authoritative, practical and relevant by providing a blend of genuine thought-leadership – which expands what can be achieved with corporate real estate – with detailed, actionable advice and ‘lessons learned’ from industry peers.

Capturing expertise which all too often remains anecdotal and putting it into a learned format that can be applied by corporate real estate professionals, each article is peer-reviewed to ensure it provides not only strategic-level thinking but also the ‘nuts and bolts’ detail needed to put that strategy into practice, providing a connection that is often missing. Crucially, the Journal puts corporate real estate in terms the C-Suite can relate to, helping professionals demonstrate the value that corporate real estate can and does contribute towards business objectives and the bottom line, and make an impact in the boardroom. 
Corporate Real Estate Journal  is listed in Cabells' Directories of Publishing Opportunities.  
Corporate Real Estate Journal does not publish advertising and has an end-user focus, convening the industry around their interests and bringing the community together by enabling high quality dialogue between end-users, service providers, consultants and academics.

Essential reading for Group heads, Departmental heads, Directors, VPs, SVPs, EVPs and senior managers of:
  • Corporate real estate
  • Real estate services
  • Facilities management
  • Corporate services
  • Workplace strategies
  • Global real estate
  • Real estate operations
  • Workplace planning
  • Real estate transactions; as well as
  • CEOs, CFOs, COOs and CIOs
  • Academics and educators

Based at:

  • Corporate occupiers
  • Government and public sector
  • Not-for-profit organisations
  • Economic development agencies
  • Universities and business schools
  • Service providers
  • Consultants


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