Volume 3 (2013-14)

Each volume of Corporate Real Estate Journal consists of four quarterly 100-page issues. The articles published in Volume 3 were:

Volume 3 Number 4

  • Editorial: Change - the new constant in corporate real estate
    Alan Carswell, Director, Real Estate, Stanley Black and Decker
  • Is corporate real estate approaching a turning point and how should it evolve?
    Chris Kane, Head of Workplace, BBC
  • Advanced workplace strategies: Realigning the office to better support today’s workers
    Francisco Acoba, Director, Real Estate & Location Strategy Practice, Jean Chick, Principal, Real Estate & Location Strategy Practice and Burt Rea, Director, Human Capital Practice, Deloitte Consulting
  • Understanding and using the nexus of forces for increased performance and cost reduction in corporate real estate
    Nancy Johnson Sanquist, VP, Manhattan Software
  • International manufacturing site selection: A comprehensive site analysis model
    Thomas Glatte, Head of Real Estate & Facility Management, BASF Group
  • Change management models for workplace transformation: Case studies
    Alicia Mandel, VP, Learning and Organization Development, Colette Temmink, SVP, Chief Administrative Officer, Apollo Education Group and Martha O’Mara, Managing Director, Corporate Portfolio Analytics
  • Better data, better corporate real estate cost savings
    Phil Wales, CEO and Steven McKissick, Senior Consultant, eBusiness Strategies
  • Exploratory research into how office design influences trust between employees and the organisation
    Agustin Chevez, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Design, Swinburne University of Technology, Laurie Aznavoorian, Partner and Workplace Sector Leader and Alanya Drummond, Workplace Strategist and Researcher, Geyer


Volume 3 Number 3

  • Editorial: The end of corporate real estate?
    Glen Wong, Regional Asset Manager, Estates and Security Directorate, Foreign and Commonwealth Office
  • Catalyst for the future: The emergence of mobile corporate real estate technologies
    Brian Jordan, Director, Sprint Real Estate
  • Strategies for managing the serviced office portfolio
    Robert Ellis, Senior Manager, Global Facilities, Tekelec
  • Why the repatriation of manufacturing to Europe is still the exception for many multinationals favoring ‘best-shoring’ in emerging economies
    Guy Douetil, Managing Director, EMEA Corporate Solutions, Colliers International
  • How good real estate data can transform a company and drive its competitive edge
    Oren Rosen, CEO, Cougar Software
  • Corporate real estate: Cost centre or profit enhancer?
    Steve Wright, Projects Director, TTSP, Steve Henigan, VP, Regional Leader of Consulting, HOK and Simon Francis, Workplace Resources Regional Director, EMEA, Nokia
  • Best practices in implementing a CMMS
    Robert Rives, Facility Manager, City of Kansas City
  • The missing link: Transforming deep retrofits into financial assets
    Scott Muldavin, Executive Director, Green Building Finance Consortium, Roy Torbert, Senior Associate and Michael Bendewald, Senior Associate, Buildings Group, Rocky Mountain Institute
  • Proworking: Redefining the workplace and the role of corporate real estate
    John Hampton, Senior Vice President, Jones Lang LaSalle


Volume 3 Number 2

  • How to undertake an effective real estate data clean up initiative
    Margaret C. Caron, Senior Manager Asset Planning & Decision Support, Pfizer
  • Case study: Integrating the physical and virtual workplace in designing and delivering a new corporate campus
    John Lucas, VP, Global Real Estate and Workplace Services, Juniper Networks
  • Understanding and reviewing 'hidden rent': Identifying potential overcharges in leases
    Rick Burke, President, Lease Administration Solutions
  • Transforming Accenture’s workplace: Shifting investment in real estate to technology enablement and employee mobility
    Patrick Coyne, ‎Global Director, Accenture Workplace Solutions
  • Creating interactive FM capabilities through building information modelling as a tool for managing public sector real estate
    Deborah Rowland, Head of Facilities Management, Government Property Unit (UK)
  • How corporate occupiers can benefit through proactive lease administration
    Albert Stabile, Managing Director, Lease Administration Services, Studley
  • Sustainable facility management strategies
    Marina Kriticos, Director, Sustainability, IFMA
  • How to quantify building energy performance
    Jeff Kuhnhenn, Senior Architect, Gresham, Smith and Partners
  • Building information modelling: Its application in facility management
    Jamie Cook, Gary Gabriel Associates


Volume 3 Number 1

  • Corporate real estate’s view of corporate real estate’s future
    Barry Varcoe, Global Head and John Hinks, Global Head of Innovation, Corporate Real Estate & Facilities Management, Zurich Financial Services
  • A model for sustainable corporate real estate portfolio management
    Daniela Schneider, Senior Specialist for Sustainable Building, Real Estate Portfolio Management Team, BASF
  • Making the case for the ‘super nucleus’: The next generation of corporate real estate, HR and IT enterprise integration
    Craig Robinson, President of Corporate Services and Cathrine Cotman, Senior Managing Director, Strategy, Cassidy Turley
  • The scientific workplace of the future
    Leigh Stringer, Director of Innovation and Research, and Josef Ostafi, Regional Principal, HOK
  • The revised lease accounting proposals: Aesop’s Fables revisited
    Mark Maiona, Founder and Principal, LeaseCalcs
  • Spatial support of knowledge production in higher education
    Hester van Sprang, Facilities Management Researcher, Brenda Groen, Senior Facilities Management Researcher, Saxion University of Applied Sciences and Theo van der Voordt, Associate Professor, Corporate Real Estate Management, Delft University of Technology