What leading organisations are doing today to drive greater energy efficiency, and why it matters for tomorrow

Maria Tikoff Vargas, Director, Better Buildings Challenge, US Department of Energy (DOE)

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Abstract: Launched in 2011, Better Buildings is a broad initiative to reduce energy intensity in the commercial, residential and industrial sectors by 20 per cent over ten years. Corporate leadership, innovative state and local policies, workforce development as well as effective use of tax incentives, innovative financing and efforts to deliver better information to the marketplace are all key pillars of the Better Buildings initiative. 


This paper explains the key role that private sector (corporate) partners play, by contributing to the programme’s overall energy savings, and by sharing innovative solutions to common barriers. Several such barriers are introduced, as are a series of proven strategies employed by programme partners to address them. These solutions and others are actively promoted and also available on the programme’s website for other organisations to implement for themselves. Through Better Buildings, the US Department of Energy (DOE) is working to dramatically accelerate energy savings through innovation, leadership, partnerships and demonstrated best practices.


Keywords: energy, efficiency, corporate leadership, building, energy savings, strategy, solution, barrier


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