How to build more resilient businesses and communities: A proposal

Martin Gierczak, Founder and J. Blake Messmer, Chief Administrator, Genesis Resiliency

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Abstract: Business continuity is in a comfortable state of established maturity. However, while most risk managers believe their current plan is fit for purpose, future disruptions are likely to take on different forms and have different impacts. At a time when the need for business continuity management is greater than ever, the need to expand its service offering is also great. This paper proposes an operational resiliency programme that would operate as a complement to business continuity management by incorporating key aspects from other fields of expertise. This programme is designed to provide businesses with the tools to identify potential sources of disruption and implement changes before such disruptions occur, thus limiting impacts to the business, its employees and customers and their respective communities.


Keywords: business continuity; operational resilience; project management; risk management; agile


Martin Gierczak is the Founder of Genesis Resiliency and a thought leader with experience ranging from business continuity, crisis/incident management and business transformation/digitisation to health and safety in both the financial and service sectors. Martin has developed resiliency-based methodologies that drive quantitative and qualitative value when providing resiliency-related support to cities, nonprofits and local community businesses.

J. Blake Messmer is Chief Administrator for Genesis Resiliency and has worked in business continuity management for over 20 years. He has covered all aspects from analysis, planning, exercising and reporting through to supporting crisis management teams during large and small-scale events. Blake is a general specialist with a broad range of skills in areas including project leadership, business communications and mentoring teams through change.


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