Volume 7 (2013-14)

Each volume of Journal of Business Continuity & Emergency Planning consists of four quarterly 100-page issues. The articles published in Volume 7 were:

Volume 7 Number 4

  • How to build a global business continuity program
    Michael Lazcano, Director, Global Business Continuity, Gap
  • Ensuring IT service continuity in the face of increasing threats
    Vishwanath Nair, IT Continuity Manager, Emirates Group
  • 'Operation Crash and Surge': Lessons learned from a region-wide exercise
    Kate Hardie, Senior Emergency Preparedness Planner and Tim Kitchen, Emergency Preparedness Manager, East Central Florida Planning Council
  • Understanding where policies and decisions can go wrong: Utilising a 360 analysis model as a proactive reputation management strategy
    Carol L. Cwiak, Executive Director, Emergency Management Higher Education Consortium
  • Collaboration in crisis and emergency management: Identifying the gaps in the case of storm Alexa
    Ihab Hanna Salman Sawalha, Head of Risk Management, American University of Madaba
  • A dynamic process of health risk assessment for business continuity management during the World Exposition Shanghai, China, 2010
    Xiaodong Sun, Director, Department of Expanded Program on Immunization, Chen Dong, Public Health Security for Mass Gatherings, Xiang Guo, Shanghai Municipal Center for Disease Control & Prevention, Mark Keim, Associate Director for Science and Mollie Mahany, Senior Public Health Advisor, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Lessons learned from the Philippine government’s response to Typhoon Haiyan
    Patrick Alcantara, Research Associate, Business Continuity Institute


Volume 7 Number 3

  • Three steps to safety:  Developing procedures for active shooters
    Lisa W. Morris, Emergency Management Specialist/NIMS Compliance Officer, Southern Methodist University
  • Wheels, hubs and spokes: Incorporating a scorecard into our business continuity program
    Tracy Stourac, Business Continuity and Corporate Records Manager, TransUnion
  • Public private partnerships from theory to practice: How Walgreens and the Boston Public Health Commission supported each before and after the Boston Marathon bombing
    Jim Williams, Manager, Emergency Preparedness and Response, Walgreen Co and Atyia Martin, Director, Office of Public Health Preparedness, Boston Public Health Commission
  • Lessons learned in crisis management
    Chris Olson, AVP, Enterprise Continuity Planning & Records Management, MassMutual Financial Group
  • Case study: Orlando International Airport’s full-scale 'Plane Down in the City' emergency exercise
    Duane F. Kann, Fire Chief and Thomas W. Draper, Director of Operations, Orlando International Airport
  • Community resiliency through recovery resource supply chain planning
    Charlotte Franklin, Chief Resilience Officer, Arlington Office of Emergency Management, VA and Kiersten Todt, President, Liberty Group Ventures
  • Application impact analysis: A risk-based approach to business continuity/disaster recovery
    Beth Epstein
  • Developing and implementing business continuity in international organizations
    Christel Adamou, Human Resources Policy Officer, International Organization for Migration
  • Whole community planning: Building resiliency at the local level
    Dee Grimm, National Director of Mitigation and Preparedness Services, BCFS Health and Human Services’ Emergency Management Division


Volume 7 Number 2 - Special issue on cyber security

  • An introduction to cyber security
    Fredrik Hult, Cyber Resilience Adviser, Bank of England
  • A critical examination of information sharing versus data sensitivity issues for organizations at risk of cyber-attack
    Jason Mallinder, VP & Strategic Operational Risk Director and Peter Drabwell, Senior Technology Risk Analyst, Credit Suisse
  • What good cyber resilience looks like
    Fredrik Hult, Cyber Resilience Adviser, Bank of England and Giri Sivanesan, Head of Cyber, Lockheed Martin
  • Cyber crime: Can a standard risk analysis help the tough challenge facing business continuity managers?
    Danny Vande Putte, Business Continuity Manager, National Bank of Belgium
  • Why meeting the cyber security threat stops in the boardroom
    Tim Scully, former CEO, BAE Systems Stratsec and Head of Cyber Security, BAE Systems Australia
  • A review of critical national infrastructure protection measures applied in the UK and USA
    Wayne Harrop, Director, Centre for Disaster Management, Coventry University and Ashley Matteson, US Government
  • How will the cyber threat evolve in the future?
    Martin Borrett, Director, IBM Institute of Advanced Security, Roger Carter, Principal Emergency Planning Officer, Leeds City Council and Andreas Wespi, CTO Office, IBM


Volume 7 Number 1

  • Strategic continuity planning: The critical first step
    Jack Smith, VP, Business Resiliency, QBE of North America
  • Integrating emergent online communities into disaster response operations
    Alisha Griswold, Emergency Manager, Port of Seattle
  • Identifying single points of failure in your organization
    Robby Bryant, Senior IC Consultant, Lorillard Tobacco Company
  • The National Mass Care Strategy: A national integrated approach
    Amy Mintz, Senior Director, Disaster Government Operations, American Red Cross
  • A winning combination: Contingency planning, continuity capability and crisis response
    Lee Glendon, Supply Chain Risk Specialist, Dun & Bradstreet Europe
  • Plans are useless: A flexible approach to developing a workable crisis communications plan
    Michael Bland, Michael Bland Communication Consultancy
  • Improving decision making in crisis
    Guy Higgins, Principal and Jennifer Freedman, Principal, Firestorm
  • A knowledge management process model for industrial accidents
    Omid Kalatpour, Department of Occupational Hygiene, Hamadan University of Medical Sciences