Volume 2 (2014-15)

Each volume of Journal of Digital & Social Media Marketing consists of four quarterly 100-page issues. Those published in Volume 2 were:

Volume 2 Number 4

  • Personalisation along the customer journey
    Christopher Reynolds, VP, Data & Marketing Analytics, Condé Nast
  • Unlocking the power of data under the new EU General Data Protection Regulation
    Darren Verrian, CEO and Ardi Kolah, Director of Training & Content, EU Compliance and Recruitment 
  • The agency selection process: More than just a numbers game
    Maarten L. Albarda, Founder, MLA Consulting and Former VP, Global Connections, Anheuser-Busch InBev
  • Surfing social-media waves to propel a brand’s momentum: What wave, and when and how to ride it to perfection
    Wilfried R. Vanhonacker, Coca Cola Chair in Marketing, Olayan School of Business, The American University of Beirut 
  • The future of digital banking: A conversation with Miguel-Ángel Rodríguez-Sola, Group Director for Digital, Marketing & Customer Development, Lloyds Banking Group
  • Digital success through data and analytics maturity
    David Booth, Founding Partner, Cardinal Path
  • Social media risk: Closing the management gap to safeguard reputation and productivity
    James Leavesley, CEO, CrowdControlHQ
  • Mayhem in social media
    James M. Leonhardt, Assistant Professor of Marketing and Savannah Johnston, College of Business, New Mexico State University


Volume 2 Number 3

  • Building a social media strategy that drives business results
    Tamar Rimmon, Senior Manager, Analytics and Audience Development, Condé Nast
  • Social media marketing and the law
    Phil, Sherrell, Partner and Ruth Boardman, Partner, Bird & Bird
  • The momentum strategy: Riding viral waves in social media space
    Wilfried R. Vanhonacker, Coca Cola Chair in Marketing, American University of Beirut
  • Digital halo: Strategies for building online personal reputations
    Mark Chong, Associate Professor of Corporate Communication, Singapore Management University and Sangeet Choudary, Founder and CEO, Platform Thinking Labs
  • Digital media as ‘big data’: Retailing evidence from Belgium
    Jacques Bughin, Director, McKinsey & Company
  • Mobile devices open door to young readers
    Alan Wilson, Associate Professor, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
  • Real time: The next frontier of analytics 
    Andrew Pearson, Managing Director, Qualex Asia
  • How social media can strengthen donor relationships
    Julie Roe, Adjunct Professor, School of Public Service Leadership, Capella University and Bruce L. Lazar, Consultant
  • The interplay of website aesthetics and information quality on website trust    
    Subhash Jha, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Indian Institute of Management Udaipur, Marla Royne, Chair, Department of Marketing & Supply Chain Management, University of Memphis and Ankit Kesharwani, Assistant Professor of Marketing and Strategy, IBS Hyderabad, IFHE University


Volume 2 Number 2

  • Data driven advertising: Automation or emotion?
    Alan Schulman, VP, Global Digital Marketing & Brand Content, SapientNitro
  • Using definitive insights and data to deliver personalised customer experiences
    Shawn Burns, Global VP, Digital Marketing, SAP
  • Brand partnership case study: How Travel Alberta and Expedia developed the ‘Find Your Alberta’ web series
    Noah Tratt, Global Vice President of Media Solutions, Expedia
  • Thinking differently about Pinterest
    Bob Gilbreath, Co-founder and President, Ahalogy
  • Building a 'click and collect' strategy to maximise customer convenience and sales
    Will Lockie, Programme Head, Multichannel, Evans Cycles
  • Increasing sales through engaging the customer at all points throughout the omni-channel
    Paul Loft, Managing Director, Homebase
  • What Panda 4.0 means for online businesses
    Daniel Kingshott and Al Keck, Managing Director, toinfinity
  • Corporate blogs, social media links, and firm performance: A study of Fortune 500 companies
    Yujie Wei, Associate Professor of Marketing, University of West Georgia, Pingping Song, Assistant Professor, Georgia Gwinnet College and Brian Rutherford, Assistant Professor of Marketing and Professional Selling, Kennesaw State University
  • Social media in small and medium enterprises
    Lakshmi Goel, Associate Professor, Gerry Blackwood, Professor and Karina Person, University of North Florida
  • Social media use by legislative offices for constituent communications
    Thomas Kim Hixson, Chairperson, Communication Department, University of Wisconsin – Whitewater
  • Consumer news preferences for mobile applications
    Monica B. Fine, Assistant Professor of Marketing and Melissa N. Clark, Associate Professor of Marketing, Coastal Carolina University


Volume 2 Number 1

  • Delivering successful business-to-business marketing: The fight between the left and right-hand side of the brain
    Dan Robb, B2B Marketing Communications Manager, Samsung Electronics
  • Content and distribution are the keys to brand building on the social web
    Jonathan Perelman, General Manager, Video and VP, Agency Strategy, BuzzFeed
  • How the digital sales professional will change marketing’s customer intelligence
    Peter Robinson, Head of Measurement & Analytics and Elissa Guerra, VP, Client Solutions, Pursuit
  • #ThinkAgain: How regulator guidance can impact social media marketing
    Tom Chernaik and Sam Ford, Co-Chairs, Word of Mouth Marketing Association Ethics Committee
  • Digital marketing strategies for entering the Chinese market
    Matthew McDougall, Founder and CEO, Digital Jungle
  • Social media risk: Taming the tiger without stifling innovation
    James Leavesley, CEO, CrowdControlHQ
  • The psychology of the social shopper
    Philip Briffett, Director of National Brands, LivingSocial
  • Big data in pharmaceutical and healthcare marketing
    Ben Wolin, Co-Founder and CEO, Everyday Health
  • Lead-generating social media strategies using the social media performance model: The B2B connection
    Gary B. Wilcox, Professor, Department of Advertising & Public Relations, University of Texas at Austin and Kristen Sussman, President and Founder, Social Distillery
  • Data mining for CRM: Towards an integrative approach
    Jacob Metro, Technical Leader, United States Department of Defense
  • Marketing strategies to alleviate risk and build trust for emerging online brands: Case of an Asian cosmetic brand entering into the USA
    Sarah Southworth, Assistant Professor, University of Missouri and Minjeong Kim, Associate Dean, College of Business, Oregon State University
  • Organisational approaches to brand identity on social media: Comparing brand websites and Facebook pages
    Adam Peruta, Assistant Professor, Strategic Communication, William Ryan, Assistant Professor, Ithaca College and Gregory Acquavella, Marketing Communications Business Partner, Tompkins Trust Company