Confessions from the non-profit world: How non-profits are using social media (and how they need to change their approach)

Ryan Goodenough, Assistant Executive Director, Communications, NYSARC

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Abstract: Social media present a tremendous opportunity for nonprofit organisations to increase membership, awareness and fundraising. When leveraged correctly, these new tools can be truly transformational. But nonprofits are struggling with understanding the resource commitment, the ways to use these tools, and the need to stay ahead of the curve. A successful social media strategy for nonprofit organisations must be based on forward thinking and executive support. Without those two key ingredients, the social media recipe for nonprofits simply does not work.


Keywords: social media, communications, fundraising, non-profits


Ryan Goodenough is Manager of Digital Content and Social Media Strategy at Fidelis Care, the largest government programmes-based healthcare plan in New York State. Ryan is a communications and technology executive with extensive experience in direct marketing, search engine optimisation and online community building. He is an advocate for emerging and innovative communications technologies, particularly in the field of cloud computing. With a master’s degree in public policy, his primary work experience is in the nonprofit sector, mainly in health and human services. Ryan is an award-winning videographer, graphic design leader and writer.

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