Paid, earned and owned media: Convergence in social media

Christy Belden, Senior Integrated Marketing Specialist, The Courier-Journal

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Abstract: Social media can be paid, owned or earned. What makes social media a truly remarkable marketing channel, however, is the intersection of all three in the social media
space. This paper will discuss the application of social media among paid, owned and earned media. It will also discuss how to leverage these to build more engagement among
fans, drive sales via direct response campaigns and build brand awareness.


Keywords: social media, owned media, paid media, earned media, digital marketing


Christy Belden is Senior Integrated Marketing Specialist for The Courier-Journal. She has worked in marketing for 13 years, eight of which have been involved with digital marketing. She is a seasoned speaker whose work has been published in various trade publications. Christy volunteers with leading industry organisations including the American Advertising Association. She is also an adjunct marketing professor at Spalding University.


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