Case Study: Digital asset management system implementation at American Express Publishing

Chad Beer, Director of Digital Assets and Rights Management, American Express Publishing, Holly Boerner, Business Intelligence Manager at Grey New York

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Abstract: This paper presents an analysis of the successful implementation of a new digital asset management (DAM) system at American Express Publishing (AEP). At AEP, the DAM team was faced with surprises when the system passed from a theoretical planning stage to the realities of a production workflow. Real-life demands on user groups and system functionality forced the DAM team to quickly adjust course multiple times. Their ability to find successful solutions proved the value of the team’s prior planning, education, and relationship building. Post roll-out, the team learned lessons about enabling a successfully operating system to meet the search and access needs of end users. Detailing the critical decisions and actions that led to that success, the paper defines important best practices applicable to system implementations at any enterprise.


Keywords: digital asset management, keywords, implementation, workflow management, publishing

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