Volume 8 (2019-20)

Each volume of Journal of Digital Media Management consists of four quarterly 100-page issues. The articles published in Volume 8, are:

Volume 8 Number 4 (Summer 2020)

  • Editorial
    Simon Beckett, Publisher
  • The burden of 10K dreams: Key findings from a 10K film scanning test
    Anthony Matt, Executive Director, Prime Focus Technologies and Laurel Warbrick, Director, Remastering and Alternate Versions, Warner Media — HBO
  • Paving the way: The American Museum of Natural History Research Library’s road to digital asset management
    Jennifer Cwiok, Digital Systems Librarian and Iris Lee, Cataloguing and Metadata Librarian, American Museum of Natural History
  • Breaking down barriers: Stewardship of born-digital materials at Columbia University’s special collections repositories
    Dina Sokolova, Digital Preservation Librarian and Jane Gorjevsky, Head of Collections Management, Columbia University Libraries
  • Digital transformation at media archives: Ten steps to becoming digital by design
    Jan Müller, Chief Executive Officer, National Film and Sound Archive of Australia
  • BBC Cymru Wales’ digitisation and external partnership with the National Library of Wales
    Edith Hughes, Head of Archive, BBC Wales and Einion Gruffudd, National Broadcast Archive Manager, National Library of Wales
  • Implementing a framework for digital preservation risk assessment and mitigation at the US National Archives
    Leslie Johnston, Director of Digital Preservation, National Archives and Records Administration
  • [Re]building the digitisation lab at the University of Tennessee Libraries: A framework for success
    Jeremy D. Moore, Digital Production Technical Manager and Louisa Trott, Digital Projects Librarian and Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee

Volume 8 Number 3 (Spring 2020)

  • Editorial
    Simon Beckett, Publisher
  • Culture first, technology second: How to implement a digital asset management (DAM) initiative with no DAM system
    Jennifer Anna, Photo and Digital Asset Manager, World Wildlife Fund
  • Web archiving: Policy and practice
    Tori Maches, Digital Archivist, and Marlayna Christensen, University Archivist, UC San Diego
  • The Home Box Office, Inc. (HBO) Archive’s analogue-to-digital preservation pipeline: A case study examining the migration workflow of 2-inch Quadruplex to MXF AS-02
    Charlotte Thai, Manager of Archives, Metadata and Asset Management, HBO Archive, Richard Steele, Consultant, Warner Bros. Content & Technology Division and Ewell ‘Evan’ Echols, Manager of Archives, HBO Archive
  • A team effort: Overcoming digital appraisal anxiety through communication and collaboration
    Alexa Hagen, Archivist, Herman Miller, Hyeeyoung Kim, Project Archivist and Olga Virakhovskaya, Lead Archivist for Collections Management, University of Michigan’s Bentley Historical Library
  • Beyond crowdsourcing: Working with donors, student fieldworkers, and community scholars to improve cultural heritage collection metadata
    Andrea Payant, Metadata Librarian, Becky Skeen, Special Collections Cataloging Librarian, Anna-Maria Arnljots, Cataloging and Metadata Services Assistant and Randy Williams, Emeritus Associate Librarian, Utah State University Libraries
  • Collaboration through analysis: A journey in digital content management workflow analysis
    Andrea Green, Digital Collections Manager and Krista Sorenson, Digital Projects Librarian, GHL, State Library of North Carolina
  • Audiovisual accessibility: Evaluating workflows for transcribing and captioning digital archival content
    Jeremy Myntti, Head of Digital Library Services and Molly Rose Steed, Assistant Head for Moving Image and Sound Archives, Special Collections Division, J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah

Volume 8 Number 2 (Winter 2019-20)

  • Editorial
    Simon Beckett, Publisher
  • Sport media in a fully digital landscape: Re-engineering digital workflows and the content value chain
    Emanuele Balossino, Digital Transformation and Change Management, Mediaset
  • Reinventing the Radio-Canada Archives to transform the business and pursue innovation in production
    Patrick Monette, Senior Director, Radio-Canada Libraries and Archives
  • Wheels of change: Migrating platforms and streamlining workflows
    Jessica Bright, Associate Librarian, Lindsay Mancuso, Special Collections Coordinator, David Santiago, Media Coordinator and Nadia Taliceo, Assistant Librarian, The Revs Institute
  • Lessons learned from a seven-year digitisation project at the National Institute of Standards and Technology
    Katelynd E. Bucher, Metadata Librarian, National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • How to run a repository: Open documentation of 15 years’ experience
    Erin Faulder, Associate Archivist and Digital Archivist, Cornell University Library’s Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections and Jim DelRosso, Associate librarian and Digital Projects Coordinator, Martin P. Catherwood Library, Cornell University
  • When artificial intelligence and video metadata collide: A learning curve
    Mark Milstein, Founder, Microstocksolutions
  • Enterprising over enterprise: How to grow a digital asset management system
    Matt Westrup, Vice President of Operations, A+E Networks UK
  • A content management case study: Migrating 10 years of library digital collection data at the North Carolina Digital Heritage Center
    Stephanie Williams, Software Developer, Lisa Gregory, Program Coordinator and Kristen Merryman, Digital Projects Librarian, North Carolina Digital Heritage Center

Volume 8 Number 1 (Autumn/Fall 2019)

  • Editorial
  • One system to rule them all: The story of merging two inventory management systems
    Kathryn Claypool, Senior Manager, Inventory and Archive, Paramount Pictures, Chuck Woodfill, Executive Director for Inventory and Logistics, Paramount Archive, Kirsten Martin, Manager, Receipt and Archiving of Deliverable Production Assets, Paramount Pictures, Charlotte Johnson, Responsible for DAM of Preservation Material, Paramount Archive, Eric Hoff, Archive Librarian, Paramount Pictures, Jessica Storm, Media Archivist, Paramount Pictures and Andrea Kalas, Leader, Paramount Pictures Archive
  • Seeing the big picture: Developing workflows for digital moving image content
    Rachel Curtis, Digital Project Specialist, Library of Congress; Project Coordinator, AAPB and Laura Drake Davis, Digital Project Specialist, Moving Image Section, Library of Congress
  • Holistic digital asset management: How a small team scales big at Showtime Networks
    Rebecca Lantz, Director, Digital Asset Management and Stephen Hunking, Vice President, Studio Services and Digital Asset Management, Showtime Networks
  • Mass digitisation systems and open source software: A viable combination?
    Etienne Marchand, Operations Executive, Institut National de l’Audiovisuel’s Preservation and Marc Leny, Head of Research and Development, Ektacom
  • Audiovisual content description using semantic scene representation
    Juan-Antonio Pastor-Sánchez, Associate Professor, Department of Information and Documentation, University of Murcia, Virginia Bazán-Gil, Project Manager, RTVE Archive and Manuel Escribano, Chief Technology Officer, VSN
  • From digital asset management to audience: Bringing content intelligence into the realm of business impact
    Randa Minkarah, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Transform
  • The collection management of Latin American broadcast media from the end of the Cold War
    Luisa Fernanda Ordóñez Ortegón, Audiovisual Archivist, Professor, Department of Information Sciences, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
  • Sustaining television news archives
    Clifford B. Anderson, Associate University Librarian for Research and Learning and Jim Duran, Curator of Born-Digital Collections, Vanderbilt University; Director, Television News Archive