Volume 2 (2013-14)

Each volume of Journal of Digital Media Management consists of four quarterly 100-page issues. The articles published in Volume 2 were:

Volume Two Number Four

  • Migrating assets and metadata from a legacy DAM system to a new one at Ubisoft
    Sarah Cervinski, Manager, Digital Asset Management, Ubisoft
  • Rights management for a global magazine business: Strategy, standardisation and simplification
    Ellen Payne, VP, Editorial Operations, Hearst Magazines
  • Managing digital unpredictability and changing behavior with reusable web-portable assets
    Andrew Lewis, Digital Content Delivery Manager, Victoria and Albert Museum
  • Integrating DAM systems and processes within an organization
    Jacqueline Contreras, former Digital Asset Manager, Beachbody
  • Appraising and acquiring born-digital collections: An introduction
    Gretchen Gueguen, former Digital Archivist, University of Virginia
  • Single source multi-channel marketing
    Matthias Wesselmann, Director of Marketing Communications, Vitra
  • Descriptive metadata in the music industry: Why it is broken and how to fix it - Part 2
    Tony Brooke, Media Asset Manager, Silent Way
  • DAMification: The implications for users and vendors
    Dave Liu, Associate Director and Sriram Ramakrishnan, Senior Architect, Digital Media Consulting Practice, Cognizant


Volume Two Number Three

  • Case study: Digitizing the natural sound archive at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology
    Mike Webster, Director and Greg Budney, Audio Curator, Macaulay Library, Cornell Lab of Ornithology
  • Moving digital assets at the Smithsonian Libraries into a trusted management system
    Doug Dunlop, Metadata Librarian, Smithsonian Institute Libraries
  • The EN 15907 moving image metadata schema standard and its role in a DAM infrastructure
    Thelma Ross, Moving Image Cataloger, Detlev Balzer, Consultant, The Academy Film Archive and Stephen McConnachie, Collections Information Data Manager, British Film Institute 
  • Governance for digital asset management
    Dan McGraw, President and Founder, Seven Dials Media
  • Curation is also part of management: A case for considering digital curation in digital asset management
    Megan McGovern, Digital Asset Manager, Progressive Insurance
  • Establishing and funding a digital asset management system at the University of Chicago
    Cynthia Mathews, Digital Asset Specialist, University Communications, University of Chicago
  • Descriptive metadata in the music industry: Why it is broken and how to fix it
    Tony Brooke, Media Asset Manager, Silent Way
  • Ways not-for-profits can leverage DAM: Experience from the Nationwide Children's Hospital
    Kristy Smith, Creative Services Production Specialist, Nationwide Children's Hospital
  • Good cop, bad cop, brand cop: Confessions of a global brand director
    Brant Long, Global Brand Director, Jones Lang LaSalle
  • Interview with Fran Alexander, Information Architect at BCA Research
    John Horodyski, Principal, DAM Education and Adjunct Professor, School of Library & Information Science, San Jose State University
  • Book review: 'Practical Digital Preservation'
    Louis E. King, Digital Information Architect, Office of Digital Assets and Infrastructure, Yale University


Volume Two Number Two

  • A journey to enable Digital End-to-End using DAM
    Carin Forman, Director, Digital Photo Services, Home Box Office
  • Stay nimble: Staying true to your goals while finding your way through a DAM implementation
    Chad Beer, Director, Digital Assets & Rights Management and Holly Boerner, Manager of Digital Assets, American Express Publishing
  • Auditing and upgrading metadata at the University of Houston Digital Library: The methodology used and the recommendations and strategies that resulted
    Santi Thompson, Metadata Coordinator and Annie Wu, Head of Metadata & Bibliographic Services, University of Houston Libraries
  • Metadata management at Sony Pictures Entertainment
    J.R. Yasgur, SVP, Global Data Strategy & Operations, Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • How to mobilize for and manage a successful DAM program
    Seth Earley, CEO and Robin Macrae, Consultant, Earley & Associates
  • Fandom digitised: Establishing a digital collection of media fanzines at Texas A&M University
    Jeremy Brett, Assistant Professor and Processing Archivist, Texas A&M University
  • Case study: The British Film Institute workflow for archiving and preserving digital cinema packages
    Charles Fairall, Head of Conservation, Helen Edmunds, Collections Manager and Dylan Cave, Curator, Fiction, BFI National Archive
  • Taking a big data/NoSQL approach to digital asset management
    Matt Turner, CTO, Media and Publishing, MarkLogic
  • Creating a digital repository of material from the library of Louis Pasteur: Workflows, translation, audio files, website design and metadata creation
    Mira Greene, Head of Technical Services and Robert Marlin, Archivist, Moody Medical Library, University of Texas


Volume Two Number One

  • Digitizing ‘Johnny Carson’ content: Digitizing a media library, repurposing the data for Facebook and iTunes and creating a licensing site
    Barry Snyder, President and Co-founder, MediaMine and Jeff Sotzing, President, Carson Entertainment Group
  • Case study: Digitizing the multi-language, multi-length audio-visual collection at the National Film Board, Canada
    Christian Ruel, Assistant Director General, Finance, Operations & Technology Division and Julie Dutrisac, Head of Research and Development, National Film Board
  • Implementing digital asset management for digital media support
    Reshma Kumar, Senior Manager of Visual Design, Symantec
  • Results from the DAM Foundation Salary Survey: Who we are, where we work, what we do, and how we are paid
    Elizabeth Keathley, DAM Foundation
  • Continuing professional development and education for DAM executives and management
    Robert Corrao, Chief Operating Officer and Philip Spiegel, Director, DAM Projects, LAC Group
  • Implementing a digital asset management strategy at RPA
    Stacey McKeever, Librarian, RPA
  • Advancing media asset value: From storage to operational decisions
    Blake White, Director, Entertainment, Media & Communications, PwC
  • Content, control and collections: An interview with content strategist, Mike Doane
    John Horodyski, Principal, DAM Education & Adjunct Professor, School of Library & Information Science, San Jose State University
  • Determinants of distribution channel choice for online software license purchases: A transaction cost perspective
    Pierre Hadaya, Universite du Quebec a Montreal