Volume 2 (2013-14)

Each volume of Journal of Brand Strategy consists of four quarterly 100-page issues. The articles published in Volume 2 were:

Volume 2 Number 4

  • Case study: Lincoln Financial Group’s innovative 'inside-out' brand campaign launch
    Lisa Buckingham, EVP, Chief Human Resources Officer, Brand & Enterprise Communications and Jamie DePeau, SVP & Chief Marketing Officer, Lincoln Financial Group
  • The KidZania story: Great data, rich experience and customer loyalty
    Sarah Marsh, VP of Customer Loyalty and Minister of Citizenship, KidZania
  • Brand success in an era of Digital Darwinism
    Jacques Bughin, Senior Partner and Director, McKinsey & Company
  • From brand positioning to ad positioning: Using ‘mental referencing’ to capture meaningful mind-space for your communications
    Imran Aziz, former Head of Brands, Airtel Bangladesh
  • Beyond jingles and needle drops: Wwhat every brand needs to know about audio branding’s power to persuade
    Colleen Fahey, US Managing Director, Sixieme Son
  • Celebrity endorsements: How you go about finding the right endorser for your brand
    Christian Schimmelpfennig, Program Manager, OMNIUM Global Executive MBA, University of St. Gallen and Svend Hollensen, Associate Professor, University of Southern Denmark
  • Third and Long: Building a sport club brand following a franchise failure
    Elise Desjardins, Coordinator, Sport Services, Canadian Olympic Committee, Eric MacIntosh, Associate Professor, Sport Management, Benoit Seguin, Associate Professor, Sport Management, University of Ottawa and Norm O’Reilly, Professor & Chair, Department of Sports Administration, Ohio University
  • Why cities tend to fail in implementing re-branding strategies
    Ram Herstein, Head of MBA Program, Ron Berger, Head of Marketing Program, Eugene D. Jaffe, Head of MBA Program, Jerusalem Academic Center - The Lander Institute
  • The strategic management of the brand in the world of sport
    André Richelieu, Professor, Sports Marketing & Strategic Brand Management, FSA Laval
  • Book review: Designing Brand Identity: An Essential Guide for the Whole Branding Team
    Colin Westcott-Pitt, VP, Marketing, Heineken USA


Volume 2 Number 3

  • How organizations can manage global brands in an increasingly local world
    Larry Light, Chief Brands Officer, InterContinental Hotels Group
  • Rallying the troops: Crisis communication and reputation management in financial services
    Paul Riddell, Head of Strategic Communications, AXA Wealth
  • How Shire Pharmaceuticals nurtured its unique culture from a simple brand idea
    Jessica Mann, SVP, Communications & Public Affairs, Shire Pharmaceuticals
  • Sponsorship activation and CSR: How MasterCard and Major League Baseball partner to ‘Stand Up To Cancer’
    John Fortunato, Professor, Fordham University
  • Aligning a company’s people strategy with its business strategy and brand strategy
    Jennifer Holland, President and CEO and Jackie Weathers, Partner, Holland People+Brands
  • Killing brands…softly
    Don E. Schultz, Professor of Integrated Marketing Communication and Martin Block, Professor of Integrated Marketing Communications, Northwestern University
  • A new model for brand leadership and loyalty
    Anne Bahr Thompson, Founder, Onesixtyfourth
  • Interview: Rupert Sheldrake and the brand field
    Angus Jenkinson, CEO, Stepping Stones Consultancy


Volume 2 Number 2

  • Brand engagement and connecting your brand with today’s customers
    Anna Papadopoulos, VP, Integrated Media Services and Niharika Shah, VP, Strategy & Planning, Prudential Advertising
  • Find the shared interest: A route to community activation and brand building
    David Aaker, Vice-Chairman, Prophet
  • The art of the possible: How data and technology can help a marketer stay true to their brand
    Hannah McMullen, Head of Marketing, Sky IQ
  • Managing a crisis in the era of social communication: How Greater Manchester Police is developing community engagement and communication
    Amanda Coleman, Head of Corporate Communications, Greater Manchester Police
  • The 12-point customer engagement model: New thinking on gathering, monitoring and acting on customer feedback to optimise customer operations
    Ravi Bhalla, VP, Strategic Transformation, Barclays
  • An evolved definition of the term ‘brand’: Why branding has a branding problem
    Casey Jones, Co-founder and Daniel Bonevac, Co-founder, BriefLogic
  • Retailing with purpose: How the pursuit of social responsibility can inspire and sustain retail growth and innovation
    Gwen Morrison, co-CEO, The Store, WPP’s Global Retail Practice and Anneliza Humlen, President and Founder, SocialVoice
  • Decoding the modern sports fan
    Mike Reisman, Principal and Founding Partner, Team Epic and Jeff Eccleston, VP, Group Director, Sponsorship Research International
  • A country as a brand: Israel’s evolving branding strategy
    Ram Herstein, Head of MBA Program & Associate Professor of Marketing and Ron Berger, Head of Marketing, Jerusalem Academic Center, Lander Institute


Volume 2 Number 1

  • Building stronger brands with sensory driven product design
    Mathieu Turpault, Director of Design, Rob Tannen, Director of Research and Interface Design, Bresslergroup and Bob Welsh, VP, Industrial Design and Brand Marketing, DEWALT Powertools
  • The heart makes the mouse: Disney’s approach to brand loyalty
    Jeff James, VP and General Manager, Disney Institute
  • Making brands successful: Optimizing marketing ROI
    Jesko Perrey, Dennis Spillecke and Andris Umblijs, McKinsey & Company
  • Windows Live: The long, unhappy life of a misunderstood brand
    Joe Tradii, Director of Product Marketing and Management, Intuicom
  • The role of sustainability in building market capitalization
    James R. Gregory, Founder and CEO, CoreBrand
  • How to use content to grip your audience like a broadcaster
    Kath Hipwell, Planning Director and Michael Reeves, Business Development Director, Red Bee Media
  • The value of brand trust
    Mark E. Mckinney, Chief Strategy Officer and Amber Benson, VP, Innovation & Development, MEplusYOU
  • Youth: It’s not your audience … it’s theirs
    David Tucker, VP and Deputy Director, McCann Truth Central
  • The fit between events and sponsor brands: Integrating the role of emotions
    Rajdeep Chakraborti and Subhadip Roy, IBS, Hyderabad