Journal of Brand Strategy combines the latest information from leading academic thinkers together with best practice insights and expertise from branding professionals.  Each article is quality controlled with a disciplined peer-review process to insure the Journal’s brand remains professional, credible and relevant.  I look forward to each new edition.”

Randall S. Rozin
Global Director, Brand Management and Marketing Communications
Dow Corning

Journal of Brand Strategy is one of the very few business publications read and referenced by the world’s most esteemed marketing organizations and ivy league universities.  It is rare to have this level of marketing data, authored by highly respected executives who represent global brands.  It is rarer still for that information to be current, prepared in a concise and focused format and reviewed, verified and approved by industry peers.  Journal of Brand Strategy is much more than a ‘good read,’ it’s a must for anyone seeking deep insight into the world of branding as it has evolved today.”

Dan Scott
Chief Marketing Officer
Scott Kay

"Branding is changing rapidly. Staying on top of how real brands and branding professionals are adapting is critical for every marketer. Full of practical articles, Journal of Brand Strategy provides useful insight into all aspects of brand strategy while engaging a growing community of brand strategy practitioners around the globe."

Russ Meyer
Chief Strategy Officer
Landor Associates

"Brand strategy and innovation is a dynamic and growing practice of great variety. There is a huge demand for a consolidating publication that brings together the very best from the field. Journal of Brand Strategy is the most essential read today."

Anders Frostenson
Senior Account Director/Brand Strategist
Stockholm Design Lab