Volume 8 (2013-14)

Each volume of Journal of Airport Management consists of four quarterly 100-page issues. The articles published in Volume 8 were:

Volume 8 Number 4

  • Reconsidering the airport business model
    Charles R. Everett, Executive Director, Lehigh Valley International Airport
  • Global airport privatisation: Trends, recent developments and challenges ahead
    Amit Rikhy, SVP, Corporate Development and Asset Management, Jorge Roberts, VP, Corporate Development and Asset Management and Stephen Cheung, Director of Corporate Development and Asset Management, Airports Worldwide
  • The future of airports: Exploiting mobile devices to enhance the traveller experience and to maximise retail opportunities
    Stéphanie Griffiths, Director of International Development, Future Foundation
  • How changes in the regional airport sector will affect all parties involved and what steps should be taken to cope with the new reality
    Sven Kukemelk, Consultant, Lufthansa Consulting
  • What are the key considerations when implementing a direct channel for car park and ancillary pre-booking and what are the potential incremental revenue benefits?
    Jon Keefe, CEO, AeroParker
  • Risk and threat perception: A pilot’s perspective on airline security
    Paul M. Borowsky, commercial airline pilot and Lt Col, United States Air Force (ret) Gregory DeLone, Assistant Professor, Fayetteville State University
  • Airport planning: The dynamic planning approach and the death of the traditional master plan
    Chad Nixon, SVP, McFarland Johnson
  • Local heroes on the move: How a growing number of local retail brands are gaining a presence at airports
    Hildegard Assies, Co-founder, Airporttrends.com
  • Energy technologies’ compatibility with airports and airspace: Guidance for aviation and energy planners
    Stephen Barrett, Director of Clean Energy, Philip Devita, Air Quality Practice, Harris Miller Miller & Hanson, Clifford Ho, Member of the Technical Staff and Bryan Miller, Member of the Technical Staff, Sandia National Laboratories 
  • The end of airport retail, the future of airport retail
    Thomas Sevcik, Co-founder, Arthesia
  • The Managing System Change in Aviation research project: What makes for successful change management?
    Siobhan Corrigan, Senior Researcher and Nick McDonald, Director, Centre for Innovative Human Systems, Trinity College Dublin


Volume 8 Number 3

  • The strategic thinking behind the decision to build a new terminal at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport
    Iftikhar Ahmad, Director of Aviation, New Orleans Aviation Board, Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport
  • Solid municipal waste audit analyses at Denver International Airport
    Jerry Williams, Environmentalist and Stacy Katz, Senior Manager of Materials Management and Quality, Denver International Airport
  • Measuring change in the levels of scheduled arrival reliability: An application of ordinal logistic regression
    Tony Diana, Division Manager, NextGen Performance, US Federal Aviation Administration
  • The new EU guidelines on state aid to airports and airlines
    Annabelle Lepièce, Partner, CMS DeBacker
  • Enhancing immigration services at Dubai International Airport: A passenger satisfaction survey
    Assaad Farah, Assistant Professor and Shadi Abouzeid, Associate Professor, American University in Dubai
  • The airfield pavement condition index (PCI) evaluation by visual inspection method
    Fareed Karim, Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering, University of Aden
  • Private sector airport management in Japan: Can any lessons be learned from the UK?
    Anne Graham, Reader in Air Transport, University of Westminster, Shinichi Saito, Lecturer, University of Shimane, Munenori Nomura, Professor in Regulatory Economics, Kwansei Gakuin University


Volume 8 Number 2      

  • Emphasising sustainability and exceeding goals: Key initiatives at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
    Heather Lissner, Public Information Officer, City of Phoenix Aviation Department
  • International airport development: Issues for government and authorities to consider
    Urs Brütsch, Managing Director, Flugplatz Dübendorf
  • Landfill diversion through robust data collection and analysis at Portland International Airport
    Stan Jones, Land Quality Manager and Lisa Timmerman, Environmental Outreach Manager, Port of Portland
  • A study on the effects of low cost carrier market participation on Gimpo International Airport
    Jin-Woo Park, Assistant Professor, Chae-Il Lim and Jin-Ho Choi, Department of Business Administration, Korea Aerospace University
  • Global harmonisation through information: From data to authoritative flight information exchange
    Steve Bradford, Chief Scientist, Federal Aviation Administration NextGen, Robert Humbertson, Senior Associate and Allen Pepper, Senior Data Architect, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • How to install more effective and longer-lasting airfield markings
    Donna J. Speidel, President, Sightline
  • Assessing airport snow and ice removal and its economic implications for sustainable airport management
    Andreas Lichliter, Airport Planner, Ricondo & Associates, Ardeshir Faghri, Director, Delaware Center for Transportation and Mingxin Li, Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Delaware
  • Implementing an effective avian radar system
    Evert Pieterse, ATS T&C Engineer, Alstom Transport


Volume 8 Number 1

  • Airport operators: How to win and develop new international business
    Urs Brütsch, former Managing Director, International Business Development, Zurich Airport
  • How airports can strengthen their partnerships with express airlines for the greater economic good
    Daniel Meysmans, Senior Advisor, International Airport Development & Properties, FedEx Express EMEA
  • Winter operations best practices at Montréal-Trudeau Airport
    Donald Desrosiers, Manager, Facilities Maintenance, Aéroports de Montréal
  • Strengthening partnerships between airlines and airports
    Richard Smyth, Vice President, Corporate Real Estate, JetBlue
  • UK airport capacity – unravelling the conundrum: A review of the main submissions made to the Airports Commission
    David Bentley, Principal, Big Pond Aviation
  • Airport parking: A $2bn+ pot of gold?
    William Keilthy, Managing Director, Parking Consultants
  • Analysing the financial performance of US hub airports in relation to lease agreement types
    Charles Richardson, Lucy Budd and David E. Pitfield, Transport Studies Group, Loughborough University
  • Analysis of waiting times in the baggage claim area of an airport passenger terminal
    Viviane Adriano Falcao, Universidade Federal do Ceará and Anderson Ribeiro Correia, Professor, Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica