Volume 12 (2017-18)

Each volume of Journal of Airport Management consists of four quarterly 100-page issues, published both in print and online. The articles and case studies published in Volume 12, are:

Volume 12 Number 4 (Autumn 2018)

  • Editorial
    Simon Beckett, Publisher
  • Managing the complexity of risks and regulatory compliance: Looking at safety from both ways
    Ian Witter, Head of Airside Regulation and Oversight, Heathrow Airport
  • How to anticipate, plan for and manage risks threatening airports
    Patrick Charbonneau, Managing Director, Infrastructure Investments (Europe) and Holger Linkweiler, Managing Director, AviAlliance
  • Green initiatives for sustainable airport services
    Claire Cosgrove, Associate Professor, AMA International University of Bahrain
  • Airport noise and performance-based navigation: A force for good or evil?
    Mary Ellen Eagan, President, CEO and Rhea Gundry, Senior Environmental Aviation Noise Consultant, HMMH
  • Transforming Pittsburgh International Airport: Building an employee culture of innovation to fuel a dramatic turnaround in a post-hub era
    Paul Hoback, SVP, Engineering, Planning and Capital Development, Allegheny County Airport Authority
  • Connecting globally and engaging locally: Devising and implementing a programme of financial support for community-led initiatives at Dublin Airport
    Miriam Ryan, Head of Strategy and Angela Flynn, Stakeholder Assistant, North Runway Project, daa
  • Moving toward sustainable aviation fuel at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
    Elizabeth Leavitt, Senior Director for Environment and Sustainability, Port of Seattle, Stephanie Meyn, Climate Protection Programme Manager, Arlyn Purcell, Director of Aviation Environment and Sustainability, and Leslie Stanton, Sustainability Manager, Sea-Tac
  • Catchment areas of small airports: A hybrid analysis of the Alps-Adriatic region
    Kenneth Button, University Professor, Schar School of Policy and Government, George Mason University, Tomaž Kramberger, Associate Professor, Faculty of Logistics, University of Maribor, and Simona Šinko
  • UK airport operators’ liability for corporate manslaughter as a result of terrorism: Will security management systems provide protection for the sector?
    Steve Wood, Principal Lecturer, Leeds Beckett University
  • ACI Update: Message from the Director General

Volume 12 Number 3 (Summer 2018)

  • Editorial
    Simon Beckett, Publisher
  • Reimagining airport security: Organisational culture trumps cultivating a ‘security culture’
    Howard Eng, President, CEO, GTAA and Jennifer Sullivan, Senior Director, Corporate Security, MLSE
  • Extending the airport boundary: Connecting physical security and cybersecurity
    Bert Willemsen, EVP Security, Scarabee Aviation Group and Menno Cadee, Senior Cyber Security Consultant
  • Making SESAR a performing operational reality
    Nicolas Warinsko, GM, SESAR Deployment Manager
  • Safety assurance: Making safety data work for you
    Scott M. Ayers, Safety Management System Manager, and Derrick Crawley, Fire Safety Manager, ATL
  • Munich airport’s passenger experience management framework: Key success factors
    Thomas Hinterholzer, Senior Adviser and Arturo Garcia-Alonso, senior consultant, Airport Management, MAIG
  • ‘Serve well’: San Francisco International Airport’s staff engagement approach to providing meaningful, empathy-based service
    Christopher Birch, Guest Experience Director, SFO
  • Rescue and firefighting services: How can you plan for a better service and run an emergency exercise that really tests contingencies?
    Charles Hanson Adu, Group Executive for Airport Management, Benjamin Ahlijah, Terminal Operations Manager, GACL, Samuel Otoo, Chief Fire Officer, Victor Gakpey, Operations Manager for the RFFS, Isaac Otu, Safety Officer, GACL, and Michael Omane Mensah, Regional Airport Manager, Tamale Airport
  • Airport automation in Australasia: A possible way forward
    David Lyon, Lecturer on Aviation, RMIT University
  • The relationship between the service quality of airports and that of their dominant airlines
    Alex Yue Feng Zhu, postdoctoral fellow, Applied Social Science Department, PolyU
  • ACI Update: ACI World releases the 2018 Airport Economics Report and the Key Performance Indicators illustrating strength of the global industry

Volume 12 Number 2 (Spring 2018)

  • Editorial
    Simon Beckett, Publisher
  • Airport security threats and strategic options for mitigation
    David Menzel, Director, Government Markets, SITA and Jennifer Hesterman, Vice President, Business Resiliency and Education Services, Watermark Risk Management International
  • Communicating airport concession operating costs
    Firelli Pitters, Managing Director and Kenneth Buckner, Director, Unison
  • Airport security: Trying to prevent the worst from occurring while protecting from its deadly consequences
    Franck Martin, Security Projects Manager, ADP Ingénierie
  • Beyond the lease: True partnerships between airports and concessionaires
    Pady Regnier, Founder and CEO, St. Croix Airport Retail
  • Planning and delivering Brisbane Airport’s new runway
    Krishan Tangri, General Manager Assets, Brisbane Airport Corporation
  • Improving terminal waste diversion: Education, engagement and corporate culture at Vancouver International Airport
    Marion Town, Director of Environment and Shaye Folk-Blagbrough, Environmental Specialist, Vancouver Airport Authority
  • Minneapolis–St. Paul International Airport: Instilling a culture of accessibility for people with disabilities that goes above and beyond requirements
    Phil Burke, Director of MSP Operations, MSP and John Welbes, Public Affairs and Marketing Coordinator, MAC
  • Measuring taxi-out time improvements: A Six-Sigma approach in the case of Charlotte Douglas International Airport
    Tony Diana, Division Manager, NextGen Performance, FAA
  • ACI Update: ACI World presents airports’ views at ICAO symposiums on safety, air navigation and infrastructure development

Volume 12 Number 1 (Winter 2017-18)

  • Editorial
    Edward Clayton, Senior Executive Director, PwC Strategy&
  • Unpredictability in aviation security: How to improve the effectiveness of current security concepts by adding the element of surprise
    Urs Haldimann, Head Legal and International Affairs, Federal Office of Civil Aviation
  • Why are regional airports now a two-speed market and how can regional airports make the most of opportunities open to them?
    Jean-François Guitard, Director International Development, Aeroports de la Cote D’Azur
  • Designing terminals that offer the flexibility to adapt quickly and cost-effectively to evolving processes
    Jacqueline Horsfield, Project Manager, Bermuda Government, David Stewart, Head of Airport Development, IATA, Chris Chalk, Aviation Practice Leader, Mott Macdonald Ltd. and Darija K. Scott, Managing Principal & Business Development Analyst, Scott Associates Architects Inc
  • Making sense of multiple measurements of passenger satisfaction
    Aymeric Dussart, Director, Technologies and Innovation, Aéroports de Montréal
  • Geneva Airport in 2017: In search of a new balance to maintain a licence to operate
    André Schneider, CEO, Geneva Airport
  • When fast track means fast smart: The challenge of designing and building an airport and its facilities in 15 months
    Patricia Ribó, Principal Architect, Head of Aviation Architecture, AECOM and Ismail H Polat, Adviser, Aviation/Airports, Project Director, Kuwait Support Terminal Project, Cengiz Cons. Ind. & Tra. Co
  • Customer service in aviation security screening
    Neil Parry, Vice-President Service Delivery, CATSA and Tara Sutorius, Manager, Program Coordination, Office of the Vice-President, Service Delivery, CATSA
  • What Avinor has learned during implementation of AOS at 45 airports
    Flemming Hølvold, Portfolio Manager, Airport Terminal Systems, Avinor and Wenche Eidjord, Senior Project Manager, Avinor
  • Flexibility in airport terminal design: Identification of design factors
    Sarah Shuchi, Postdoctoral Fellow, School of Engineering and Technology, University of New South Wales, Robin Drogemuller, Professor, School of Design, Science and Engineering Faculty, Queensland University of Technology and Laurie Buys, Professor, School of Design, Creative Industry Faculty, Queensland University of Technology
  • ACI Update: ACI releases the World Airport Traffic Forecasts 2017–2040