Volume 13 (2018-19)

Each volume of Journal of Airport Management consists of four quarterly 100-page issues, published both in print and online. The articles and case studies published Volume 13, are:

Volume 13 Number 4 (Autumn/Fall 2019)

  • Editorial
    Simon Beckett
  • Practice articles:
    Airport commercial revenues in the time of the digital shopper
    Andrew Warrender, Manager, Property, Cairns International Airport
  • The future airline-airport relationship and the question of market power
    Thomas Reynaert, Managing Director, A4E, Nils von Hinten Reed, Founder and Managing Director, European Operations, CEG and Barbara Veronese, Director, CEG Europe
  • Digital passengers: A great divide or emerging opportunity?
    Catherine Mayer, Vice President, SITA
  • Climate change and winter weather impacts
    Ryan Sheehan, Director of Operations and Maintenance, Spokane Airports
  • A balancing act: The Australian Transport Safety Bureau’s approach to accident investigations on airports
    Greg Hood, Chief Commissioner and CEO, Australian Transport Safety Bureau
  • Case studies:
    The data-driven airport: How daa created data and analytics capabilities to drive business growth, improve the passenger experience and deliver operational efficiency
    Marc Mullan, VP Data & Analytics, DAA IT Department
  • Integrating unmanned aircraft systems into airport operations: From buy-in to public safety
    Thomas Mackie, VP, Aviation Geospatial Practice Leader, Woolpert and Aaron Lawrence, Associate and Technology Director, Unmanned Systems, Woolpert
  • ACI Update

Volume 13 Number 3 (Summer 2019)

  • Integrating unmanned aerial system operations into the Dallas/Fort Worth airport environment
    Paul Sichko, VP, Operations, DFW International Airport
  • Innovation in a zero-risk environment: Facial recognition experiment at Helsinki Airport
    Tugberk Duman, Head of Innovation, Futurice Oy
  • Centennial Airport: A case study for small airport social media strategy
    Deborah Grigsby Smith, Public Information Officer, Media and Communications Manager, Arapahoe County Public Airport Authority
  • A novel approach to inclusion and outreach to be tested at the Hilton Chicago O’Hare Airport hotel
    Gregory Rockett, Professor of Practice, Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Hotel & Tourism Management and Michelle Yokoyama, Senior Counsel, Chico & Nunes
  • Meeting today’s challenges in travel retail with digital commerce marketplaces
    Kian T. Gould, CEO, Founder, AOE
  • Identifying drug couriers in airports
    Mike Oolman, M3 Training instructor and consultant, Mark Parker, Agent, North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation, Nathan Meehan, Director of Research and Development, Second Sight Training Systems and Alex Garinther, Doctoral Student, UO
  • Predicting on-time departures: A comparison of static with dynamic Bayesian networks in the case of Newark Liberty International Airport
    Tony Diana, Acting Division Manager, Outreach, US Federal Aviation Administration
  • ACI Update

Volume 13 Number 2 (Spring 2019)

  • Towards unpredictability in airport security
    Signe Maria Ghelfi-Waechter, Head, Research and Development Group, Zurich State Police — Airport Division, Angela Bearth, Senior Researcher, Consumer Behaviour group, ETH Zurich, Carla Sophie Fumagalli, Research and Development Group, Franziska Hofer, Cofounding Member, Research and Development Group, Zurich State Police — Airport Division 
  • Airport city development at mature airports: Structural, strategic and commercial aspects along the path of a massive change process
    Peter De Leeuw, Head, Landside Real Estate Development, VIE 
  • A research-based approach for improving the airport wayfinding experience
    Jim Harding, Environmental Graphic Design group, Gresham Smith
  • Evidence and engagement at Bristol Airport: A case study in planning major long-term growth
    Mark Herbert, Planning Manager, Bristol Airport 
  • Innovation in aviation: How to use data analytics to get insight into operations — a use-case
    Oliver Reindl, Chief Information Officer – Flughafen Köln-Bonn, Josef Schmitz, Senior Executive Digital Consulting, T-Systems 
  • Our ambition is high: Running the most climate-smart airport in the world
    Lena Wennberg, Environmental Manager, Swedavia Airports 
  • Innovative ideas for improving airport community relations
    Diana Sanchez, Public and Community Relations Director, Van Nuys Airport
  • Developing successful landside real estate: An airport urbanism approach
    Max Hirsh, PhD, Professor, University of Hong Kong


Volume 13 Number 1 (Winter 2018-19)

  • Editorial
    Simon Beckett, Publisher
  • Effective airport project delivery, leadership and culture
    Bob Bolton, Director of Airport Design & Construction, San Diego County Regional Airport Authority and Jonathan Heller, Senior Communications Specialist, San Diego International Airport
  • Bridging the strategy-execution gap: Strategic planning in times of change
    Björn Hassert, Head of Strategic Planning, Brussels Airport Company
  • Change management and post-acquisition considerations for smoothly implementing new management strategies
    Holger Linkweiler, Managing Director, AviAlliance
  • Understanding and predicting passenger behaviours through data analytics
    Nikolaos Papagiannopoulos, Senior Project Manager, IT&T Data Services, Information Technology & Telecommunications, Athens International Airport S.A. and Juan Francisco Garcia Lopez, Project Manager, Indra
  • Meeting airport capacity demand using new technologies and innovations
    Joeri Aulman, Airport planner, project manager, NACO
  • Improving apron air quality with aircraft ground energy systems at Zurich Airport
    Emanuel Fleuti, Head of Environment, Zürich Airport
  • Frankfurt Airport’s Terminal 3 expansion
    Holger Hofmann, Vice President, Master Planning and Infrastructure Strategy Department, Corporate Infrastructure Management Service Unit, Fraport AG
  • A differentiated model for inbound baggage handling systems at airports
    Ahamed Ashik Koottappilakkal and David Lyon, Lecturer, RMIT University
  • ACI Update