Regenerating the urban: Evaluation of policy actions for strategic urban changes in the UK cities of Derby and Nottingham

Ali Cheshmehzangi, urbanist and urban designer, Bachelor Degree and Graduate Degree in Architecture, Master’s Degree (M.Arch.) in Urban Design and a PhD Degree in Architecture.

Abstract: Many in the field of urban studies have analysed urban policy. This analysis can be used to evaluate the impact of policy in the face of continuous and rapid urban change and to help elaborate strategies that might reverse decline and propose effective regeneration programmes. Although challenges to achieving good governance structures and enabling urban regeneration remain, policy frameworks still depend on policy actions and outcomes as the key indicators for strategic urban change and development. With a focus on UK cities, this research paper explores the role of policy-driven urban strategies, and identifies the successes and failures in regenerating the city. As a result, this study aims to identify policy actions and creative initiatives that conceive mechanisms and approaches to regenerating the central cores of the cities (particularly small and medium-scaled cities). The comparative study of two urban regeneration case studies will help to identify how the UK cities deal with strategic urban changes and development of policy actions. The paper concludes with development of strategic urban change and how urban regeneration programmes help to reduce urban pressures.


Keywords: regeneration, urban change, urban policy, strategy, policy action


Ali Cheshmehzangi is an urbanist and urban designer with a Bachelor Degree and a Graduate Degree in Architecture, a Master’s Degree (M.Arch.) in Urban Design and a PhD Degree in Architecture. He has extensive practice experience on multidisciplinary projects across Europe (Sweden, Czech Republic and the UK), the Middle East and China.



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