Volume 8 (2014-15)

Each volume of Journal of Urban Regeneration & Renewal consists of four quarterly 100-page issues. The articles published in Volume 8 were:

Volume 8 Number 4

  • SURF’s 'Alliance for Action'
    Andy Milne, Chief Executive and Elaine Cooper, Alliance for Action Co-ordinator, SURF
  • Supplying new housing in the UK: How can more private sector and affordable housing be developed in an era of lack of supply?
    David Cowans, Group Chief Executive, Places for People
  • Analysis of project management process groups in urban renewal in the city of São Paulo
    Mariana Matayoshi Marchesin, Eliane Monetti, Professor and João da Rocha Lima Júnior, Professor of Real Estate, Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo
  • Souk Waqif, a case study of urban regeneration and sustainability in Doha’s vanishing urban heritage, Qatar
    Djamel Boussaa, Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, Qatar University
  • Regenerating the urban: Evaluation of policy actions for strategic urban changes in the UK cities of Derby and Nottingham
    Ali Cheshmehzangi, Department of Architecture and Built Environment, The University of Nottingham
  • How web interactivity influences the image of a tourist destination
    Carmen Hidalgo-Alcazar, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Universidad Católica del Norte and Maria Sicilia, Associate Professor of Marketing, University of Murcia
  • Book review; The Routledge Companion to Urban Regeneration, edited by M.E. Leary  and J.P McCarthy
    Reviewed by Lee Pugalis, Senior Lecturer, Urban Theory & Practice, Northumbria University
  • Book review: The Tenants’ Movement: Resident Involvement, Community Action and the Contentious Politics of Housing by Quintin Bradley
    Reviewed by Nicky Morrison, Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge


Volume 8 Number 3

  • Business Improvement Districts and town centre management – what has been their effectiveness and what are the future directions for these strategies?
    Phil Prentice, Chief Officer, Scotland’s Towns Partnership and Ian Davisson Porter, Director, Improvement Districts Scotland
  • Incorporating more economics into urban planning
    Hugh Schwartz, Visiting Professor, Department of Economics, University of the Republic, Uruguay
  • Sustaining community and civic assets in Baltimore, Detroit and Minneapolis-St. Paul
    Gareth Potts, Founder, The New Barn-Raising
  • Building a world class city of business: The case study of Liverpool
    Max Steinberg, CEO and Stephen Lingard, Head of Business Planning, Liverpool Vision
  • An investigation of the barriers to wider use of Local Asset Backed Vehicles in the UK: Challenging the myths
    Paul Greenhalgh, Reader in Real Estate Economics, Northumbria University and Bikki Purewal
  • Planning urban renewal: public-private initiatives in Bogota, Colombia 2000–2014
    Bruno Lobo, Director, Avenida Capital
  • Dysfunctional neighbourhoods: A conceptual framework for urban regeneration and renewal
    Graham Squires, Senior Lecturer in Planning and Real Estate, University of Birmingham and Colin Booth, Associate Head for Research and Scholarship, Dept of Architecture and Built Environment, University of the West of England


Volume 8 Number 2 - Special issue on addressing the challenges of social and environmental sustainability in towns and cities

  • Malmö: Towards a new social agenda
    Christer Larsson, Director of City Planning and Göran Rosberg, Senior Advisor, City Planning Office, City of Malmö
  • A vision for the future of Sofia: Fostering a synergy between the present and the past
    Ivan Danov, former Minister of Investment Planning, Republic of Bulgaria
  • Call this a democracy? Education and empowerment through participatory city budgeting
    Manuel Salgado, Deputy Mayor, City of Lisbon
  • Principles of sustainable urbanism at the City of Freiburg
    Wulf Daseking, Head of Planning and Development, City of Freiburg
  • Development for whom? Reimagining urban development in Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Nayana Godamunne, Senior Researcher, Centre for Poverty Analysis
  • A living lab co-creation environment exemplifying factor 10 improvements in a city district
    Shea Hagy, Project Leader, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Building Technology Division, Chalmers University of Technology (et al)
  • Achieving food equity: Access to good local food for all
    Julian Dobson, Director, Urban Pollinators
  • City of the future: Time to jettison the Jetsons' vision of our cities
    Jeffrey Tumlin, Director of Strategy, Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates
  • Blue-green-social placemaking: Infrastructures for sustainable cities
    Herbert Dreiseitl, CEO, Atelier Dreisetl
  • Understanding and measuring social sustainability
    Saffron Woodcraft, Co-founder & Director, Social Life


Volume 8 Number 1

  • The true cost of brownfield land: Rethinking investment approaches
    Euan Hall, Chief Executive, The Land Trust and Abigail Gilbert, Planning and Environmental Management, University of Manchester
  • Creating a bridge between city and state to solve a problem: A case study of the City of Bakersfield Solid Waste Division Initiative
    Sal Moretti, Solid Waste Division Superintendent, City of Bakersfield
  • How will the proposed Atlantic Gateway redevelopment strategy support sustainable economic growth?
    Walter Menzies, Board Member, Atlantic Gateway Partnership
  • Power to the people: Putting community into urban regeneration
    Andrew Maliphant, Project Manager, The Community Works
  • Urban destination marketing: A broken paradigm?
    John Heeley, Director, Best Destination Marketing
  • The presence of tourist destinations on Twitter
    Marta Plumed Lasarte, Research Group on Innovation in Tourism, University of Saragossa
  • At the crossroads between rehabilitation and redevelopment: A critique of Seoul’s Sewunsangga inner-city renewal project
    In Su Na, Director, Han-A Urban Research Institute and Visiting Researcher, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, Columbia University
  • Integrating culture and commerce for sustainable urban regeneration: Case study of Bilbao
    Gloria Aparicio de Castro and Jon Charterina Abando, Department of Finance, Business and Marketing, University of the Basque Country
  • Urban transformation: Effects of large housing investments on nearby property values in Istanbul
    Umran Topcu, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Architecture and Design, Istanbul Bahcesehir University