The digital transformation of logistics

Lance Healy, Founder, Epiphyte Solutions


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Abstract: Digital transformation of logistics has emerged into the lexicon of the industry but lacks definition and actionable tactics. This paper offers a definition of the term and creates a context for how investments in software and hardware solutions can be applied as a strategy toward a more interoperable logistics community. Tactics and implementation strategies are described along with examples of past, current and future digital transformation initiatives from different facets of logistics. Tactics and strategies are shared with the intent to better prepare organisations to take advantage of the next generation of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) that are evolving rapidly.


Keywords: digital transformation; digitisation; interoperability; AI/ML; LTL


Lance Healy is a serial entrepreneur who founded Banyan Technology in 2001. Banyan pioneered API direct connectivity with carriers online. Lance and his team built a connectivity platform empowering business system to connect into less-than-truckload (LTL) and last-mile carriers through a single API. He further innovated the LTL market with a full US Patent on dynamic pricing solutions to benefit the carriers, shippers and 3PLs through better pricing agility and transparency. He left the company he started to develop the technology with Optym. Since 2001, Optym builds advanced algorithm models and machine learning for complex transportation routing and scheduling needs in LTL, rail, airlines and mining operations. Lance also founded Epiphyte Solutions, LLC and serves an adviser and board member to industry tech start-ups and is a regular thought leader and speaker at industry conferences and events. He graduated, with honours, from Ohio University with degrees in African studies and French.


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