The role of corporate real estate in developing countries of the Asia-Pacific region

Rajesh Mutreja, Business Consultant - Global Real Estate, Workplace Services-Enterprise and Technology Solutions (ETS), Hindustan Unilever Ltd.

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Abstract: This paper discusses the current role, multifaceted challenges and opportunities that the future holds for the corporate real estate (CRE) function and CRE professionals operating in developing countries, which often share several common trends. It identifies the drivers of change, as the real estate activity moves from a largely unorganised sector to an organised sector. It highlights the multifaceted challenges faced by the CRE function, eg talent acquisition and retention ‘work from anywhere’ workplaces, centralisation of processes and the need for increased collaboration with procurement, HR, Finance and IT, etc. Finally it highlights how the CRE role is moving up the value curve and how CRE professionals are acquiring the skills and mindset of a ‘solution provider’ rather than merely a ‘service provider’.


Keywords: organised sector, professional approach, solution provider mindset, workplace collaboration, the value curve, ‘supporting’ to ‘owning’



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