Call for articles - Generative AI

Call for Articles: Journal of AI Robotics & Workplace Automation

Generative AI

Guest Editor: Andreas Welsch, Chief AI Strategist, Intelligence Briefing

Submission Deadline: 9th October 2023

Generative Artificial Intelligence, AI capable of generating text, images, or other media in response to prompts, has received renewed interest in recent months since the release of popular Generative AI tools like ChatGPT and other foundation models. Its applications are manifold — from creating, summarizing, and translating information to generating code, images, audio, and videos. Generative AI promises tremendous opportunities for research, practice, and productivity.

But to harness its full potential, current limitations (such as hallucinations, biased output, and data privacy) need to be addressed and mitigated. Software developers and IT organizations alike need to prepare for new paradigms of software engineering, operations, and maintenance. However, these aspects are not yet sufficiently researched.

Our Guest Editor for this special edition is Andreas Welsch, internationally recognized AI leader and expert on AI in business.

Potential topics for this special edition on Generative AI include:

•   Generative AI use cases for business functions
•   Business value of Generative AI use cases
•   Paradigm shift in software development with LLMs
•   Generative AI for increased developer productivity
•   Pricing models for Generative AI enabled applications
•   Data privacy mitigation for LLMs
•   Copyright/ IP risks for Generative AI
•   Impact on trust
•   Synthetic data
•   Multi-modal use cases
•   Fine-tuning vs prompting 

Submission guidelines
The following types of articles will be considered for publication:
• Practice articles:
The Journal particularly welcomes contributions from professionals including best practice articles; case studies; new approaches and techniques; legal and regulatory updates; or other material of relevance to those working in the field. They can be more descriptive (and less analytical) of current business practice and need not display in-depth knowledge of previous academic work. 
• Research papers:
The Journal also publishes traditionally styled academic papers which will be expected, at a minimum, to display a sound knowledge of previous work in the area and some original research content. All articles must have clear implications for business practice. 

Articles and Papers should be around 2,500 to 6,000 words in length.

All submissions will be peer-reviewed to ensure that they are of direct, practical relevance to those working in the field.
All article submissions and enquiries should be sent to the Journal's Editor, Christopher Johannessen or the Publisher, Daryn Moody.

Further guidance on manuscript submission can be found at Instructions for authors.