Forthcoming content

A selection of articles and case studies scheduled for Volume 7 of Cyber Security: A Peer-Reviewed Journal includes:

  • Beyond detection: Uncovering unknown threats
    George Chen, Head of Threat Hunting, PayPal
  • Legacy apps to cloud: A risk based approach
    Naresh Sharma, Head of IT Risk and Security, Cathay Pacific Airways
  • How to apply an IAM model across hybrid on-premises and cloud resources
    Denny Prvu, Global Director of Identity & Access Management, RBC
  • Practical cyber security architecture: Reducing complexity and introducing a practical model for security classifications
    Eleni Richter, Chief Architect IDM, EnBW
  • How to implement and drive cybersecurity culture as a strategic asset
    Glendon Schmitz, Chief Information Security Officer, Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services
  • CIO-CISO Collaboration for a shared vision that enables a cyber resilient future
    Nastassja Finnegan, Chief Security Officer, First National Bank
  • How to apply infrastructure susceptibility analysis to focus your mitigation efforts
    Sarah Freeman, Principal Cyber Engagement Operations Engineer, MITRE
  • Cybersecurity skills and how the EU is addressing this challenge
    Despina Spanou, Head of Cabinet of Commission Vice President M Schinas, European Commission
  • Why and how to use open source tools for developing reinforcement learning-based autonomous cyber defense
    Krystal Jackson, Junior AI Fellow, and Andrew Lohn, Senior Fellow, Center for Security and Emerging Technology, Georgetown University
  • Strategies to mitigate risk and exposure during your merger or acquisition
    Michael Owens, Business Information Security Officer, Equifax
  • Cryptography works – but needs a system-wide view
    Keith Martin, Professor, Information Security Group, Royal Holloway, University of London
  • Harnessing the power of AI for cybersecurity: Proactive defense strategies and empowering human capital
    Enis Sahin, Head of Information Security, Federated Hermes
  • Exploring the practicalities and quality of pentesting at scale: Globally, pentest coverage is increasing but remains insufficient
    Jay Paz, Senior Director, Pentester Advocacy and Research, and Caroline Wong, Chief Strategy Officer, Cobalt
  • Implementing coordinated vulnerability disclosures
    Francesco Bordone, Manager for Cybersecurity Policies, European Cyber Security Organisation
  • How to improve likelihood calculation by mapping MITRE ATT&CK to existing controls
    Sonal Agrawal, Director, GRC, and Gerald Beuchelt, Chief Information Security Officer, Sprinklr
  • Approaches to cyber security in small and medium-sized businesses - why it needs to change
    Simon Newman, CEO, Cyber Resilience Centre for London
  • How to build a successful threat intelligence program
    Yochai Corem, CEO, Cyberint
  • How to get your board and executive team cyber-ready and achieve a culture of cybersecurity from the board down: The CEO method for breach prevention
    Andrzej Cetnarski, Chairman, CEO and Founder, Cyber Nation Central
  • When push comes to shove: Managing strong personalities in a cyber incident presentation
    Mark Sangster
  • How to get SBOMs to scale
    Kate Stewart, Vice President of Dependable Embedded Systems, The Linux Foundation
  • European cybersecurity law in 2023: A Review of the advances in the Network And Information Security 2 Directive 2022/2555
    Charanjit Singh, Assistant Head, Principal Lecturer in Financial Law, University of Westminster
  • A societal approach to cyber education
    Alex Crowther, Visiting Research Professor, Florida International University
  • Is legislation and regulation a friend or foe for cyber defenders?
    Tony Anscombe, Chief Security Evangelist, ESET
  • The perceived link between complexity, security and business processes
    Reidar Boldevin, Senior Manager, PwC Norway
  • Neverending threat: A brain based approach to surviving and thriving as a cyber security first responder
    Carol Barkes, Conflict & Communication Consultant, and Colby Jones