Historic wallpaper

Allyson McDermott, Allyson McDermott Historic Interiors

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Abstract: Wallpapers can provide a wealth of information to help understanding the development and use of an historic building, but they are also valuable and often beautiful objects in their own right and as such need both appreciation and care.


Keywords: wallpaper, conservation, history, development, flocking, hand blocking


Allyson McDermott served on the Board of Trustees of the Institute of Conservation and Trinity House, was Chair of the Historic Interiors Group Icon, lectures extensively on wallpaper and the conservation of the historic interior and has written many articles on the subject. She is a past adviser to Sotheby’s and The National Trust and has undertaken research into the use of Chinese Papers in the English Country House as part of the V&A/RCA Conservation Programme. She runs Allyson McDermott Historic Interiors.

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